Friday, November 7, 2008

Car Seats

After looking at a lot of the reviews online, I had known for a while that the car seat I would be getting would be made by graco. The main thing that swayed me between the Safeseat and the Snugride was a rumor I heard on what to expect when you're expecting forum. Someone claimed that they knew someone that had the Snugride, had it properly installed and were in an accident. The accident was at a low rate of speed but it flipped the seat over on top of the baby. I'm starting to wonder if this is a completely true story. The Safeseat by all standards is one of the safest you can buy without spending over $300, however it is extremely bulky, heavy and doesn't fit in either shopping carts or restaurant baby seats. Basically, it's really safe but a pain in the ass for the parent. I've been uncomfortable with my decision from the beginning. (the seat weighs 16lbs WITHOUT a kid in it, carry that to and from the car till the kid is a year old... heavy) I decided to look around again before we make the final purchase. The most recommended car seat in most of the research, was the Snugride. It was considered the safest and most versatile. Now I think I may go with the Snugride. I found no other reports or rumors of this car seat having any issues. The seat looks just like the other one except it's small, and lighter. (and slightly cheaper) I'm just hoping to find one that has a cover with it since this kid will be born in the winter. Speaking of baby, I have awful, nonstop heartburn. It's been going on for weeks now but steadily getting worse. I should buy stock in Pepcid with as much of it as I'm going through.


Beth said...

Sounds like a good choice, Jamie. If that was the only really bad review you read, I think I'd throw that one out, just like they do in the Olympics!

Sorry to hear about your heartburn...that's such a miserable feeling. I hope it eases up soon.

Hugs, Beth

Indigo said...

I lived on Rolaids with Skye. You know what they say, heartburn usually means the baby will be born with a head of hair. Skye was. I think you've done enough research that you can say you've come to the best choice to make. (Hugs)Indigo