Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not much Time

Had my 31 week appointment today. Everything is normal and dandy. It's hard to believe that my next appointment will be just over a month before my due date. (due date is January 12th, next appointment is December 2nd) It's gone by entirely too fast. There's still so much I have to do. For starters, I need more sleep before I can face being woken up every two hours. The last week or so, my legs have just been awful at night. My doctor prescribed me some more Ambien. I'm only taking it when I absolutely have to this time around. He only gave me eight pills so it's not enough for my body to become dependent on. What I really need to do is make an appointment with my regular M.D. to get my inhaler prescription updated and my... gulp... flu shot. Ok, it's not that bad but I'm not the only one getting it. Jasmine always gets hers the same day as I do and it's awful to tell your kid everything is going to be ok, and hold her while the nurse puts a needle in her leg. At least she's tough and only cries for a second. Other little kids cry about it for the longest time, even though you know it only hurts a second.
I've been kitten free for 24 hours now. They all went to the vet yesterday to get fixed and now the other foster has them. (she picked them up from the vet) I need to send her an email to find out when I can pick up Saffy as Jasmine is driving me insane wanting her kitten back.


Beth said...

Aw, Raven is gone, too? :(

Glad to hear your checkup went well! Don't be afraid to get your flu shot. I will send you GREAT vibes. When I got mine the other day, I barely felt it, and my arm didn't feel sore at all--so I'll send some of that mojo your way.

So did you cry during ER? I think I cried through most of the hour. Ha.

My word verification code is inkboxin. I kind of like that. Hey Beth, watcha doin'? Oh nothin'...I'm just inkboxin. :D

Love, Beth

cw2smom said...

Glad all went well with your checkup! Yes..stock up on that sleep before that new one gets here! I am not so sure it will help, but we can hope, huh! My new grandson is due next month...I am hoping to be able to see him in TN, if we can get our family issues resolved. Take care Sweetie! Love, Lisa

Indigo said...

Gosh the time has just flown with this pregnancy. I've been reading, just haven't been commenting...I'm in a weird mood these days. Winter hibernation (who knows). I think it's adorable Jasmine is looking for Saffron. I love the fact they are both growing up together.

I had to chuckle at Beth Inkboxin, I'm anixld. Sounds like a new breed of spider. (Hugs)Indigo

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Know you went through a tough time for a while, so glad that the checkup was good.

Wes said...


I'm glad all went well!