Monday, November 17, 2008

For once, your crazy comes in handy

Today, Molly the retriever proved her worth to me. This is a dog that is not only extremely in your face annoying, she also tries to eat everyone who comes through our house, even my mom who is at my house at least once a week. In the afternoon, she was outside with the other dogs and was barking like mad. I assumed one of the neighbors happened to walk out of their own house, that's usually all it takes for her to go psychotic. After a few minutes, we hear a car horn honk twice. Shawn goes outside to investigate. Turns out it's Jehovah's witnesses. They attempted to go through the fence to knock on our back door. The woman almost lost her arm. (there were six dogs in my backyard at the time, she would've been in pieces by the time anyone noticed she was back there) Of course, then she went on her spiel about the "truth" and husband said 'I'm good, thanks.' and walked back in the house. It's not like Molly doesn't warn you that she will eat you. She was barking the entire time and it sounded like the lady was still going to attempt to go to the door. (which is, behind the fence, with the dogs) Not a lot of brain cells left in that one.


Wes said...


When some Jehova's Witnesses came by my place last, I said I would listen to them if they listened to me. I was working a job at Schwans Home service, and had our new book. So, I passed each person a book, then went on to talk about our current food products. It went on for only a minute, and they took the hint. Before they left I asked if they would like to take some literature with them! They left with no response, I thought it was only fair. I listened to them for a few minutes politely, and took a phamplet from them. I meant no disrespect, I merely wanted to proved a point. I'm not suprised about the person's crazy percistance, I had been friends with a couple witnesses in the past.

I hope you are feeling well, and have a good day tomorrow! :)

Best Wishes,

Beth said...

Hahaha at Wes's comment!

Do you suppose the woman thought that if she tried to walk past all those dogs, God would help her? God helps those who help themselves, lady, and I would think the common sense that God gave you would tell you "Barking, snarling dog...AVOID." Sheesh.

Hey, when you got a chance, I passed along a little giftie to you. Check my blog when you get a chance, the entry 'I got a present' or something like that.

Love, Beth

Indigo said...

We saw them going from house to house. So Paul put out a sign that said, "I'm a redneck hick that doesn't do the God thing, and I shoot trespassers. BEWARE!" Amazingly we never got that knock on the door. I think they must of thought redneck they're already goners. The funniest thing is Paul is as far left field being a redneck than anyone I know. Even having said that, I'd welcome a Redneck before a Jehovah Witness any day. (Hugs)Indigo

Robin said...

Anyone willing to enter a fence with 6 dogs, and try to get to a door, with the one barking, is an idiot.

Then again, you and I and your other readers already know that.