Friday, November 21, 2008

White 'N Fluffy

Omigod. There is 4 inches of snow on my porch right now. Woah. My husband has to leave for work in an hour and I can't see where our yard ends and the road begins. Holy hell.

We still haven't found a name for this kid. Nothing sounds right. Or, I'll like a name a LOT for a few days and then change my mind. The name I currently like is very... old fashioned and my husband hates it. Although I like another one but it's a little... country. He doesn't seem to feel extremely strongly about any one name either. I mentioned before that this is my least favorite part of pregnancy.

On Monday I received my flu shot. (I know I've mentioned this but I thought I'd state the day for the purpose of this entry) On Tuesday I began to get a rash around the injection site. For any other person, this may be something to be worried about but I'm used to getting hives and rashes. Once I reached my twenties, I began to get irritated over anything and everything that touches my skin. A new make-up can easily (and has many times) cause hives around my eyes. I've had two or three reactions to antibiotics, causing hives, fever, changes in taste, etc. Basically, I'm used to looking funky. ;) Yesterday, the bruising finally started around the flu shot area. Now I have a blotchy funky bruise and a bumpy rash around it. Glad I got it in my leg. This doesn't happen every time I get my flu shot, only while I'm pregnant. I must be more sensitive to things while harboring a fugitive in my uterus.


Wes said...


The name will come to you, when it comes. I love my daughters name, but have holding onto a boys name I've had since the middle 1990's.

I have always had reactions to many products growing up, and got pneumonia when I was 10. I had a reaction so bad my throat closed shut, and I got huge red hives all over. Years ago I went to that hospital to find out what it was. They had no record of me being there withe the illness, or medication? My parents don't remember either, and every time a Doc ask me, I reply I don't know what it was.

I hope your rash gets better, and you stay safe and warn in this nice weather.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope hubby is safe on the roads today.

Hope the rash gets better fast.

Beth said...

I hope your rash isn't too annoying. I tend to have sensitive skin, too.

So how much snow did you end up with? I'd say we got 8-10 inches. And now the sun is shining!

Stay warm--it's supposed to get down to 7° tonight. Brrrr!

Love, Beth

Wayne Images said...

Well, what are the two names?

Heli gunner Tom said...

We got our fine dog thru Rottweiler Rescue, and he came from New Orleans after Katrina. We train him as a 'service animal' as we are both disabled.


cw2smom said...

Hey Sweetie! I hope you are all safe and warm inside! As Wes said....the name will come to you in God's perfect time! They don't have too many kids leave the hospital without them! LOL! Hope you are well! Love, Lisa