Monday, November 3, 2008

Slow Days

I wish I could say that the reason I haven't blogged for a few days has been something exciting and fun... but it hasn't. I've been hanging around the house, not doing much, being lazy. In the last three days, I've finished two of the books in the Twilight Saga. I'm almost finished with third one. It probably won't make it till morning. I bought the fourth and final in the series tonight. I've picked up the first book at the store several times but thought 'Vampires? Really? No, I'll pass.' I tend to go with something a little more... realistic. But I'm finding that I've actually enjoyed these books quite a bit, although book two was a little disappointing due to the intensity of the first book but the third one is looking pretty good. (it wasn't a complete waste, just not as good as the first of the series)
Yesterday, I went with my mom to help her pick out new cabinets (well she was already decided on the cabinets, so I wasn't helping there) and a new counter top. Good thing I went too, although it's more of a good thing that Jasmine was with us. The counter top she was looking at was a coffee colored brown and I wasn't a fan from the beginning but I thought it would look alright with the cabinets. We couldn't figure out how to get the cabinet sample off the wall so we couldn't set the two next to each other and get a good look as to how THEY would look TOGETHER. Jasmine was messing with things the entire time we were there and just pulled a counter top sample off the wall. Who knew it was so easy? We snapped the sample off that she was originally interested and both said 'Um, no.' The colors did not mix well at all. We found a lighter brown that meshed better with the cabinets. That was my excitement on Sunday.
Today, Jasmine and I got up earlier than usual and it was so nice out. We decided to spend the day outside till Shawn got home from work. She didn't make it the few hours outdoors without some scrapes and bruises but the second in looked like we would be going indoors, she acted like she was in no pain at all. Funny how that works. Once we did come inside, she was right back out after my husband got home. I was able to get ready to leave for the evening while they were playing. (Husband was busy with pushing Jasmine on the swing and throwing multiple frisbees for six dogs) The other day was my MIL's birthday so we took her out to eat tonight. That's all I'm saying about it. As the saying goes, if you can't say anything nice...
The other morning, as soon as I got up, Shawn said go look at your dog. Which usually means one of two things, the dog is either hurt or ridiculously dirty. My response was 'Can I pee first?' ;) I literally hadn't even made it to the bathroom before he was telling me to go look at the dog. There must have been something in my voice because he immediately said it was nothing bad. The dog in question was Cash. He was sleeping in his crate... with a Bears jersey on. Uhm, honey, I'm a PACKERS fan. Mortal enemy of the Bears. He had bought it for Rocky, HIS dog and it didn't fit him so he put it on MY dog instead. hmpf He did look cute. And quite disappointed when Shawn took it off him. I'm not a fan of dressing up your dog so I just rolled my eyes at him and said 'You're a DOG. If we put clothing on you, you're supposed to roll of the floor and whine in agony, not look sad that we removed the clothing from your body.'
While we were outside today, Jasmine was running after Cash and fell in a hole. It was completely my fault. I had used the rake to get the leaves off the pathway down our yard and a large pile of the leaves ended up in that hole, making it almost invisible. She cracked her elbow on the cement pretty good. This was one of those times where the pain suddenly went away at the thought of going inside. Later, Jasmine was riding on her tricycle down the same pathway. Savannah (my youngest Aussie) was following dutifully beside her. When we go anywhere, Savannah is almost always at Jasmine's side. Before Jasmine got back to that same hole, Savannah ran ahead and dug out the leaves. I don't know if it was a coincidence or if Van had actually been paying attention to what happened earlier. I try not to put anything passed my dogs. (While I was pregnant with Jasmine, I had a horrid infection in my uterus - I wasn't aware it was there till the second she was born. Shawn's border collie, Mia tried to tell me for days that something was wrong. She wouldn't get off the bed when I told her to, always laying with her head on my stomach. It was very unlike her. She was trying to tell me, hey stupid you're dying a little, you may want to see a vet about that.)
As I said, I've been lazy lately. However, if you're at the side of this page with the blogs I read, I've been keeping up on you. I just haven't been commenting. Remember, been lazy. ;)


Beth said...

Jamie, you're more than entitled to a little downtime!

I was glad to hear you enjoyed the Twilight books. I've heard good things about them, and may end up reading them at some point. I actually love vampire stories, but I wonder if the Twilight books can compare to Anne Rice's vampire books?

Too funny about the Bears jersey! I bet Shawn was quite pleased with himself!

Love, Beth

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear that your OK, and that you had enjoyed the nice weather with you family! I have been lazy with the computer mysef, and taking care of my family. I hope your days will be pleasant, and hope Jasmines Elbow feels better.


Indigo said...

I used to think Skye was indestructible. I swear that kid banged, bruised every part of her body. She just wouldn't stop. I think the Aussie knew to remind Jasmine about the hole. Dogs are so much more intense than people give them credit for. As for being lazy, you what 7 1/2 months along. At this point your more than due for a few lazy days. (Hugs)Indigo