Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Eeeeeeek" Screams the longhaired Siamese

I wasn't planning on posting a blog tonight (ok so by now you'll read this as this morning but seeing as how I haven't gotten to sleep yet, it's still night to me). Here I was, minding my own business, getting ready to go to sleep. I'm not sure exactly what it was that made me get up. Possibly to pee? It seems like I had to do something in the kitchen, seeing as how that's where I went first. Willow, my husband's fat cat was sitting on my counter, some where she KNOWS she's not allowed but has been sleeping there when she thinks I'm done for the night. (yet, no matter how many times I catch her and swat her down, she still risks it night after night) The cat is kind of weird and thinks that there are rodents living in everything. One night, after we bought the infant car seat, Jasmine was inside the box that the seat came in, with it all folded up and the cat circled it as if to wait to attack the giant mouse that was moving around inside. She looked a little displeased when a child climbed out instead. Since we moved in here, she has spent many evenings staring at the bottom of my stove because ONE time a mouse did emerge from there and she killed it. Once and she's still obsessed. I noticed over the last few days that Saffron now stares at the bottom of the stove. Great, you're making the other cat nutty. (Isaiah, the siamese has no instincts when it comes to rodents... or maybe he thinks he's too good for mouse chasing) At any rate, I was in the living room, looking out the small window on our front door as it sounded like there was a truck stuck in the snow outside my house. Suddenly I heard what sounded like cats bouncing off the cabinets, just pure chaos. I figured Saffron had latched onto someone's tail and they were in a tug of war... it wouldn't be the first time. (or the last) Willow and Isaiah were under the kitchen table... Willow had a baby mouse in her mouth. Ok, first thought, shit if there's a baby, there's a mommy... and a daddy... and more babies. Second was 'oh the poor thing.' I left the room without confirming whether it was alive or dead. I figured if it was alive, I'd want to save it and saving it would mean dumping it outside in freezing temperatures. I'm sure the mouse would prefer the quicker, albeit more painful death via cat. Eventually, I went back into the kitchen, saw there was no mouse in Willow's mouth and asked if she killed it or let it get away. Just as I bent down, I got my answer. She dropped him... alive... and he got away. Goddamnit Willow, if you're going to catch it then you need to KILL it. She looked after the mouse with a 'We'll meet again' look on her face. Isaiah had still been next to her and his expression was more 'EEEEK a MOUSE!' The only cat I have that is a proven mouser is the evil monster that lives outside. The cat that bit through my arm, down to the muscle last year, causing the most painful infection. (who knew things could get THAT infected in less than six hours) I just got done telling my husband, I'm not losing a limb just so a mouse can die. (and no, we're not sure what the evil cat from hell's deal is... he's fairly normal outside but you bring him inside and he attacks anything and anyone for no reason and I mean looking to seriously injure in these attacks. And yet, he gets upset when you put him back outside. We've decided that when, for whatever reason, Jake needs to be indoors, he will stay in the backroom with the dogs... they're crated, they'll be safe and yes, I'm concerned for the DOGS safety) Saffron was just coming out of nap during all of this so I'm not sure if he really knows what happened. Last I checked, he was in the living room playing with one of his fake toy mice, completely oblivious to the intense search going on in the kitchen. Apparently, after Willow allowed the mouse to be on his merry way, she changed her mind and wanted him back... but the mouse is no where to be found. Gee, Willow, wonder how that all happened. My dogs could mouse better than those cats...... but I think they would actually pull the stove away from the wall, roll it over a few times and chew a hole in the wall to get to the mice.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

My cats used to catch mice. Now I leave the catching up to traps and they want to check them with me. Then if there is one, Tarzan want to grab the trap mouse and all and go hide under the couch with it like he did all the work.

cw2smom said...

This gave me some laughs this morning! Thanks for a funny entry! My cats are pretty good mousers and yikes...I am hearing mice in my walls lately!! Arrggghh!

Beth said...

Want to borrow Sheeba? He's a good mouser!

Thanks to cs2smom for her comment--we've been hearing scrabbling sounds from inside the walls, too! It will eventually stop as it gets colder, but this time of year, it can be a little disconcerting!

Hugs, Beth

Wes said...


I had some cats catch them, but not kill them. They would like to play with the and that was about it. Most of my hundreds of cats troughout the years, were great mousers.

It is funny that you mention your dogs being great at catching mice. One year our Dog Susie had killed 5 mice and left them on our doorstep. It was Xmas morning and there was 5 people in our family?

A couple years later one of our Mama cats got hit by a car, and she had a litter of cats. Susie our mutt of a dog just got done with feeding her puppy's, took over feeding the kittens? True stories! I swear. We did not continue letting her do it, we did not know if it would be OK. So, we did it the old fashion way, and used droppers.

Now I'm off to your other entry,