Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sorry all

Sorry, I have blogs to read and one that needs written (Beth) but I am just exhausted. I have been the last couple of days and even though I sit on the computer for a while looking at stuff, I just don't feel up for a "real" post or commenting. I feel more like sleeping for a week, getting up to pee and then sleeping another week. Oh, got the flu shot today. Didn't pass out or come close as they gave Jasmine her's first so I was more worried about getting mine over with so I could be with her. (she didn't start crying until the bandaid came out but then it was a meltdown from hell for five minutes) This was my most painful flu shot thus far, I've been getting them for four years. Must be something to do with where exactly the needle goes in. It hurt when she did it (I usually feel nothing at all) and still hurts now. Won't kill me, just a little sore. Now I'm going to stare off into oblivion for a few hours. Yeah, I'm exhausted but that doesn't mean sleep is coming any easier.


Wes said...


I hope you feel better from your shot! I do wish you some much needed rest, but look who's talking. I have to get up in a few hours and I'm still up.I will try to get some sleep soon, but will stare at oblivion too. I hope yours is as Cool as mine! ;)
Please have a super neato day!

Check you later,

Beth said...

Jamie, hope you were able to get some good sleep. Your flu shot could be making you feel extra-tired.

Love and hugs,