Friday, November 7, 2008

What? No way!

I hadn't mentioned this earlier because I honestly didn't think it would happen. I had to get my husband to say yes and then I had to get a group of people who don't care for me too terribly much to also say yes. My husband was the easiest of the two. Then I had to wait to find out the others decision. The longer it took, the more I thought it would be no. I got an email today saying - yes. I get to keep Saffron the little evil kitten. I'm a little shocked at the moment because that's how much I was expecting it to be a big fat no. My husband is going to be even more shocked. I'm sure he was banking on them to say no. I just can't believe the little awful monster is staying. I fall in love with the worst of them, at least when speaking of animals. ;)


Beth said...

Oh boy, I can't wait to hear the adventures of Saffron the Evil Kitty! Should be fun!

Indigo said...

What a delight...I is right? I still love his name. With a name like that you have to spice up the life of the ones who love you. *winks* K, I'll stop with with spice jokes already. Your just like me with the animals you know. If I could I wouldn't give any of them up. (Hugs)Indigo