Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween Night

I'm doing the best I can to try not to think about the annoying email right now so I'm uploading photos. This is Jasmine in her Halloween costume. It was slippery so she was having fun squirming on the floor.

Engrossed in some cartoon or another.

These were actually given out as part of the candy at one house. Jasmine loved them. They kind of freak me out to be honest.

The loot

Throwing in a belly photo. This was taken at about seven and a half months. Stop looking at my stretch marks. Yeah, I saw you. ;)


Wes said...

Malayna was too young to eat most of her loot, so I had no choice but to eat her candy. I think after this years candy I look pregnant. I too, will have some beauty marks. I don't think I ate this much candy as a kid. Either that or I lost my self control with candy.

Jasmine looks like she had fun, and really does love those glasses.


Lisa said...

Those eyes are hysterical - that is such a cute picture!! Oh, I gotta be honest, it hurts to look at your belly.