Saturday, November 8, 2008

Had Enough

I swear if I read one more blog from some republican whining, bitching and moaning about losing... I'm just going to lose it. (many of them are on my blogroll and I'm seriously considering removing them and losing their html) STFU. You lost, it's over and all the griping in the world isn't going to change it. And by the way, if half of you did your research, you'd realize that most of your "fears" are unfounded. The scary black guy isn't going to take your guns. Abortions aren't going to be on a revolving door. None of you that I've read are making enough money to be affected negatively by tax increases. Quit your goddamn belly aching. If Obama was a republican with the EXACT same ideas, you'd be cheering for him. The idea that any of you would think that it would be better to have Palin anywhere near the top of this country is insane. Really, you have to be bat shit crazy to think that was a good move on your party's behalf. I've said before, if the democrats had pulled some shit like that, I would've been changing my official standing to independent. How long are we going to listen to your shit before you grow up and get over it? You had the last eight years and your party screwed us in some of the most uncomfortable positions known possible so again, STFU. Now, as usual, the democrats will come in and clean up what the republicans so badly destroyed.


Indigo said...

Bravo! I actually had enough and did an entry on it myself. The one that said, Yes, you have a black president. The atom bomb drills have been over for a few generations. It's so ugly anymore. I've taken several journals off my list. I refuse to read the bullshit anymore. Thanks for this...hope someone gets it! (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

Hey Jamie? Would you tell us how you really feel? ;)

You know I'm joshin' ya, because you know I feel the same way. Have they ever heard the phrase "the people have spoken?" And the electoral vote was a landslide. Time to get over it and move forward.

I've also stopped reading a couple of blogs, because while I can accept a difference of political opinions, I can't abide by obviously racist remarks.

Hugs, Beth

ada said...

You kicked a** here!

Wes said...