Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Odds and Ends

This was taken tonight after I rearranged the furniture. This is the cats version of pouting. Isaiah is the flame point on the left, Willow is the tabby on the right. I just let the farting dogs out and that's where the cats are still sitting.
You see why I'm beginning to hate my plants? Those shutes are all the way to the floor. My mom thinks it's cool. Guess what mom? You're taking one of those plants. ;) (by the way, that one is in the sink because I just watered it. The planter has a crack in it so it leaks onto the floor if it's not in the sink)

Jasmine and her Daddy playing.

Jasmine holding Saffron. She was very excited when I told her that he was HER cat to keep. She always asks me whose cat Isaiah is and I say he's mine, then she asks whose cat Willow is and I say Daddy's. Now she has her own cat. She's just lucky he's extremely tolerant of her. (or just dumb, we haven't decided which yet)

This is MY dog in a Bears outfit. I am a Packers fan. My husband thinks he's cute. Cash wasn't pleased when we took it off him.

Can you believe this is the kitty formerly known as LBK? Her name now is Raven. She's the most annoying kitten I have right now. If she's into something and you get on her about it, she runs and gets into something else. She's the reason that I don't have curtains up in my living room. (she pulled one side down and I haven't found a replacement rod) The white you are seeing isn't a trick from the camera. She looks like she's recently rolled in ashes. Let's hope someone finds this to be cute and takes her away from me.


Wes said...

Animals,fun, and plants Oh my!
Good thing you can't see me laugh about your plants! Ha Ha

No, I'm still cracking up about your past entry about your plants.


Beth said...

OMG, look at LBK, AKA Raven! She's adorable and looks so healthy! I'd take her if I could, but Sheeba would slash my carotid while I slept.

Thanks for all the fun pics!

Hugs, Beth

Robin said...

Awww, Raven deserves a good home, too (but you know that). Glad Jasmine has her own kitty now, too, ans Saffron looks as if she really likes Jasmine!

And, yes, dogs can fart audibly. Phew....

Lisa said...

Raven IS a doll!! Love the pics, the cats look so cute on the sofa. My dogs can clear a room in no time!