Monday, June 29, 2009

And they're.... off

The house is definitely going up for sale and we will definitely take a loss on it. I'll just be relieved when it's all over. And again, my realtor is just absolutely awesome. I couldn't imagine going through all of this without her. If we buy in this county when we go to purchase another home, we will definitely be using her. (she only does this this county) Her son is about a two years older than Evan so she's going to give us his old clothes, which is really nice of her. We just love her and I feel like she feels the same towards us.

I may have annoyed my husband. Actually, I'm sure I annoyed him. One of the other fosters I work with closely, wants to go away for the weekend to see her dad. He's got cancer and I don't think there's been a time that she's asked me to watch her fosters to go see him that I've ever said no. If it was one of my parents, I would want to spend as much time with them as possible. Therefore, when she asked if I would watch her two foster dogs, I said yes... without telling my husband till after the fact. I know, and so does he, that he would've been fine with it, for the same reasons I am. He'll be better when he sees they really are well behaved dogs. (two labs) I just hope they are fireworks friendly or I'm going to have rearrange my dogs so that they can be crated while we're gone.

Jasmine has been a little clutz today. She fell and smacked the bridge of her nose on a metal bar, she stubbed her toe on the baby's swing, she knocked over a huge thing of bubbles, fell in the bedroom and bruised her legs and I know I'm missing a few things. If she drank apple cider, I'd be wondering if it had turned. :) haha The tears have been a flowing most of the day. And if you know my kid, you know she doesn't cry over little things. She has to really bust her butt to cry. Oh, she fell off her bike as well. (for the first time since she's been riding it) I just wanted to wrap her in bubble wrap by the end of the day to keep her from breaking any bones. I'm just grateful the day is over and she's asleep. Although, she could always roll out of bed and hurt herself that way. Not that it would wake her up. She's knocked her head on the corner of the side table while she was asleep, leaving a knot and never did her eyes open.

Shawn is on shutdown for the next two weeks, starting Friday. We'll be spending that time getting the house ready for sale and open house. We hope to have it completely ready by August first but it may be even sooner. The realtor told us not to fix anything, nothing, nadda as we won't make it back in the sale and we'll just be throwing our money away. Therefore, we only have to figure out what we're selling in a garage sell, what we're throwing away and what we'll be keeping and eventually putting into storage. I'm so unattached to most of the stuff here that I'll be putting the words FREE on some of the things that I just want gone. Going out of business sale folks. :)


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I am sure Shawn is not that annoyed, perhaps just letting out some stress. Hope you both can maintain your positive attitude through this difficult time. Hugs.

Beth said...

A two-week shutdown is probably a blessing at this point--and how great to hear that your realtor says to not fix anything! It makes sense, too. We found out that the people we bought our house from...well, the woman spent some time repainting everything, but the living room was this sort of mauve color. Uhhh...NO. So when we were closing, we mentioned something about getting in and painting, and her husband was like "I TOLD you not to paint!" We're very much plain ol' white walls, and painted the entire house before we moved in. They wasted their time and money! Good of your realtor to be honest and tell you to not worry about it. Love, Beth

Wes said...


Sorry to hear about Jasmine, I hope she feels better. It's nice to get free cloths for a child!

I wish you luck on the house and have a good day today.