Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jazzy's B-day

Jasmine's birthday went awesomely. She had a blast. Probably more fun than she's had in all her birthdays combined. (you know, the whole three others... haha) I invited her best friend, Nathan, whose parents also happen to be our best friends. (convenient, I know) They shot everyone with silly string, beat the holy hell out of a pinata, ate cake and played with Jasmine's gifts. (even though he's a boy, he played very well with her dollhouse stuff!) They also ran around like sugared up monsters outside. I have to say, they are two really well behaved children. They shared (without being forced and without whining) hitting the pinata, stayed where they were supposed to, even while the adults were inside and overall were very polite and just awesome kids. I wish all kids behaved like that. (the zoo experience reminded me that some people just should not be allowed to breed once, let alone four separate times!!!) It made it enjoyable for everyone that they were good. (you really never know what will happen when you add that much sugar to the equation) I have a few photos that I will upload within a few days. I don't even have them on the computer yet. She ended up with enough wheels to play for weeks without getting bored. A big wheel from her best friend, a bike with training wheels (sniff, sniff... it was bittersweet when we bought that... she's still my baby, she shouldn't be old enough for a b.i.k.e. yet!) and a plasma car from my mom. If you've never seen a plasma car, they are freakin' awesome. There are no pedals, no motors and you don't use your feet to make it move. You simply turn the wheel slightly from side to side and it glides along. I showed my mom and Shawn how awesome they were... in the middle of Target. My husband couldn't get me off it fast enough and my mom just wished she had a camera to take a picture of me in the middle of the store on a kid's toy. :)


Adirondackcountrygal said...

That sounds like a fun party! That plasma car sounds awesome!

Beth said...

Dang...I think *I* want a plasma car! So glad to hear she had a great b-day, and the sugar high didn't get too out of control! Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like an awesome B-Day. Here is hoping that the innocence of a four year old stays for many years to come :o)