Friday, June 12, 2009


It's going to be a long weekend. And yet, once it's over I'm going to feel like it went by too fast and that I didn't actually get a weekend. In a few hours I have to take the fosters in for their spays. I'm not even going to bother going to sleep. If we weren't so broke this week from Jasmine's birthday, I just would've paid the $25 to take them in last night so I wouldn't have to take both kids out at the crack of dawn. I'll come home and hopefully get a few hours nap. That just depends on the kids. I lock our bedroom door so Jasmine can't get out but if she's being loud (hopefully she'll lay in bed and watch a movie) then Evan can't go to sleep, thus I can't go to sleep. When Shawn gets home from work, we'll have to go get the cats. And after that, it'll be time to start thinking about dinner. I also need to get the house cleaned up for Saturday and I'd like to plant some more outside. Saturday, Shawn's mom is coming over to give Jasmine her birthday presents. (despite the fact that she's a jehovah and doesn't *celebrate* anything) I have plans with my mom that just so happen to be the hours that she will be here. When did I make those plans? After I found out she was going to be here, of course. ;) It will be a kid free day for me! I don't get those very often. Jasmine usually wants to go everywhere I go so the most I get is an Evan free day. Sunday, we head to my dad's house to do Jasmine's birthday stuff over there. *sigh* When I was a kid, I loved that my dad's parents were divorced. It meant more presents on birthdays and holidays for us. When you're the parent, it means a hell of a lot more work dragging the kid from house to house. I still have plenty more pictures to post but I'm not sure I'll get around to it tonight.

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Beth said...

Whew, take a breath, girl! It makes me tired just reading about it! Glad to hear you get to enjoy a kid-free day. I know you love your kids completely, but I'm glad you get to have some me time, too. Love, Beth