Thursday, June 4, 2009

More photos and a little whining

Boy child was crabby and sniffly all night long. This morning he felt warm but I figured it was just this cold thing we all have. By early afternoon I called my husband to see what time he was getting off. (I wanted to know how much longer it would be before I was to take a nap, I'd only had three hours of sleep) We had briefly talked about taking him to the doctor but I brushed it off and said we'd wait and see. However, the kid was driving me nuts with his crying, not sleeping and not eating so I called to see what the nurse thought we should do. Eventually, made the decision to bring him in. He has the cold but also has an ear infection. That's why he wouldn't eat. I thought it was from all the crude in his nose. They want us to alternate giving tylonel and motrin. I'm not a fan of ibprofen at all. However, I figure that stuff is probably irritated and the motrin would help that. Plus, it lasts eight hours. He's been the happiest he's been in 24 hours. I may give him another dose of motrin before I switch so that I may get some sleep. Eight hours vs. four makes a huge difference. Hopefully, the antibiotics that I have to force him to take will kick in sooner rather than later.

Boy child before he started getting sick. You know, back when he smiled. :) This along with the others (except for the next one) were taken by my beautiful and talented aunt Jeri.

This is Jeri and it was taken by Jasmine. I'm sure if Jeri hadn't laid on the trampoline it would've been a picture of her feet/trampoline only. :) Jazz had trouble holding up the heavy camera so her photos were on a... downward angle.

This is probably my favorite picture taken of Jasmine, ever. I just absolutely love it.

And me, jumping. Jasmine wanted to see someone do a front flip on the trampoline. My uncle played the I'm too old card so I went out and tried. I did it too, twice since Jasmine wasn't even looking at me the first time. Have I mentioned that I'm only four months postpartum? :) Had to throw that one in there. haha


Beth said...

Yay Jamie! You look great. Glad Evan was able to get some sleep finally...not to mention Mom! :) Hugs, Beth

Robin said...

You really do look great! :) LOVE the photos of your babies, and you / aunt Jeri. Evan looks so much older than 4 months!

Poor Evan w/ the ear infection. Ibuprofen does really well for me, so maybe it's something that'll stay working well for him, too? You'll figure that out. Glad you got him in, and hope you get some sleep soon.

Patti B said...

These pics are all so much fun!
Hope everybody is feeling better soon :) Patti