Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eye spy a green bush... ;)

Well, my eyes still suck. :) They've gotten quite a bit worse in the last year. I was 1.75 in the left and 2.00 in the right. Now I'm 2.50 in both. I had a pretty good feeling they'd gotten worse and when they asked, I told them the same. I can never be positive though. Someday... I will have lasik, someday. Until then, I'm stuck with sticky contacts. I'm starting to think my doctor is more uncomfortable with me passing out than I am. I was supposed to have the pressure checked in my eyes last year but she said we'd do it this year since I have a tendency to pass out. (which I DON'T understand because I have no problem with them touching my eye) I reminded her of that today and she said we'd wait another year. :) I was actually hoping to have it done today so I could see if it was going to happen a second time. haha

Yesterday, I started trimming our hedges. It's the first time I've done it. I had no idea how heavy that trimmer gets after a few minutes. Not to mention, awkward. It has a switch on it that you can push and it will stay on continuously but I had images of dropping the thing on my foot and watching as they were cut off to little nubs. I figured at least if I dropped it without that on, I would just end up with a nice bruise. I didn't exactly have a safe way to cut the main hedge. One side is on a hill, one side is next to railing, another is next to a two foot drop which holds my flowers that I just planted. It was... interesting to say the least. I had to stop halfway through yesterday as I ran out of daylight. I really didn't want to finish it today as it was 91 degrees and humid as hell. My husband told me to wait till it got cooler in the next few days, basically telling me the damn bush wasn't going anywhere. Eventually, I went outside and finished it off. Now I'm glad I did. Not only is it done but tomorrow is an ozone action day. I have asthma and spend as little time outdoors on those days as possible. Now if only the pain in my forearms would lessen, I'd be a happy girl.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I am going to the eye doctor next week, I am finding my arms are getting shorter :o)

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Next time have dear old hubby go out and trim the hedges.. of course if you do that you might not have any left!

Beth said...

Is it bad that I chuckled at your imagery of having a hedge trimmer cut your feet down to nubs? Of course, that would not be funny, but the way you worded it was. :) Hugs, Beth