Saturday, June 6, 2009


Omg. I went to google and put in the words I love my brother. I was looking for something like a necklace or picture that was geared towards brother/sister relationships. While I was out today, there were plenty of sisters necklaces and plaques but nothing if your sibling happens to be male. I put in those words and two of the first five results were about some girl who was in love with her brother and sleeping with him! And they weren't the same person, these were two different women. Yes, I had to click on the link because I thought it had to be some kind of joke. No, it was them asking for advice on how to handle the situation with their families and friends. And there were people who thought what they were doing was good! Just... ew. I still have yet to find what I was actually looking for however. I found onesies for babies saying I love my big brother and t-shirts that say I love my little brother but everything is for kids. I may end up forced to special order something I suppose.

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Beth said...

Ewwww! is right! I'm surprised there's nothing out there like you want. Keep looking...if you dare. Love, Beth