Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kitties Named

All kittens have names now. Unfortunately, overnight I went from six kittens to five. One of the females died during the day today. There was nothing we could've done. We believe she died of a heart defect as that was what her symptoms were pointing to. She didn't appear to be in any pain, just really sleepy, which is how she passed, asleep. I was hoping not to lose any from this litter too. This time, Jasmine was able to say goodbye to her since we knew she was dying. She's doing better with it since we have had so many die in the last few litters. It's strange that you find so many feral strays out there that manage to survive without any care and yet, in fosters and shelters, you lose a lot. Their names are - Kade, Rylee, Yasmine (which was the one who died), Dharma, Everett, and Ryder. They really are a great group of kittens as far as personalities go. We have a bit of everything. The trouble maker, (TM) the TM sidekick, the lover, the one that's a little aloof and the doofus. (hey what's over there, BAM... there's a force field around this area of the room... the humans call it glass) I had help from the other volunteers on these names. I really hate doing names. (if you hadn't noticed since I always recruit you all for help) When I name my own animals, I search for a name until I find the one that just feels "right," however if I did that for every foster I got in... well I'd be searching through thousands of names to find the "right" one for that animal and then they get adopted and the name changed. All my hard work down the pooper. At least they are no longer, blue, Green One, Green Two, Yellow, girl with no collar, boy with no collar. =)


Beth said...

Aw, I'm sorry about losing the little girl kitty. At least, as you wrote, she went while she was sleeping. :( Hugs, Beth

Robin said...

That would start getting hard to have so many pass so quickly.... I had one do that once, within less than 2 days after birth. I still feel it even if, well, that happens sometimes. Laughing at the doofus one, oh yes, I have one of those, and one who is either a lover or a brat depending upon the moment. I hope that they all find good homes, and bet they are adorable right now!