Monday, June 29, 2009

Quickly, Quickly now

Quick update before I go back to cleaning. The realtor is coming tomorrow to help us figure out what is best to get taken care of before the house goes on the market. She's also going to try and help us out with our mortgage company. She will deal with them from now on, not us. I swear, I have the best realtor in this area. I know she's probably a little more expensive but she's worth every single penny. I have never felt more like someone I was paying was really truly looking out for my best interest, not just their paycheck. I hate to, but I must get back to the job at hand for now.

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Beth said...

I hope all goes well, Jamie. We felt the same way about our realtor when we bought this house--he was such a nice guy, and we found out through the grapevine (a friend of my cousin...we DO live in a rather small town, don't we?) that he really liked us, too, and said that I was "delightful." Anyone who thinks I'm "delightful" is obviously highly intelligent and very discerning. Heehee! Love, Beth