Saturday, June 13, 2009

I won't be your doormat

Today's post by Beth got me thinking so I decided to blog about it. I do not consider myself to be weak or submissive. I stand up for what I believe in and speak up when I feel something is wrong. It has caused some embarrassment here and there for those who are with me but for the most part, I think they respect me for it. One of the things that irritates me most in the world, is when a man acts like he is above a woman. My husband has a friend who is like that and the guy really rubs me the wrong way. He has yet to treat me in a way that would cause me to cut him down to size but I know he has treated others that way. Of course, it hasn't been in my presence or I would've said something. He's a really great friend to my husband and it's the only reason I don't bitch more about them being friends. Although, I have been known to be very passive aggressive about it. (which, ironically, is another pet peeve of mine, passive aggressive people... haha) I just don't understand where some men get this idea that we should bow to them and thank them for letting us bask in their magnificence. I want my daughter to grow up knowing that she is capable of doing anything she wants with her life. I don't want her to ever feel like because she is a girl, that she can't do something a boy can do and even do it better. If I were to allow the behavior that some men exhibit, to go on in front of my daughter, I feel like I am agreeing with their views and thus, raising her to be weak. Now if she wants to be a stay at home mom and take care of her husband like a 1950's house wife, I'll be fine with that, as long as it's what she enjoys doing. And I'd better never, ever see a man treat my daughter as if she is stupid or my hackles will be up and there will be bloodshed. Hmmm, I seem to be in a mood these last couple of days. I surely hope the wrong person doesn't cross me tomorrow while I'm out and about (or that I'm not here at the same time my MIL is) or there may be some words spoken.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Just like I say to Beth, wish you would let me know how you feel :o)

Beth said...

Haha! Yes, he does say that to me sometimes!

I was trying to explain to Ken how sometimes it's just an intuitive feeling. I can sense when a guy is sending out that vibe, even though it may not be spoken. I can even sense it in comments. It does not impress me. XO Beth