Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bye Bye Brain.... see you later....

My memory has gotten so bad these last few months that I actually have to email myself so that I remember to do things the next day. Today I emailed myself to call the vet and make a spay appointment for my fosters and call my uncle to invite him to Jasmine's birthday party on Wednesday. (basically she'll eat cake, beat the hell out of a pinata and eat more cake) Then I forgot to check my email. Seriously, my husband was the one to remind me that I needed to do those things. I always feel like I have a million things to remember and sometimes other things get lost in the clutter that is my brain. Really, if you could see inside that thing... it looks like a recycling bin marked paper only. There's post it notes everywhere, paper tossed on the floor, hanging from the spiderwebs in the corners. An absolute mess. I should make a reminder to clean that thing out.

Speaking of Jasmine... she'll be turning 4 on Wednesday. How did that happen? She's still just a baby to me. A really smart baby but a baby nonetheless. This is the first year she really asked for certain things on her birthday. She was very specific. She wants a STAR pinata, a pink cake, presents and candy. She got all of those things and then some. I bought some candles without really looking at them. They were on wooden sticks. It wasn't till I had everything home that I realized two of the candles were in the shape of a star (the other being the number 4). Find right? I also bought a cake pan in the shape of a star. I believe the bike she is getting even has stars on it. However, I will not be putting star decorations on her cake. Only because I couldn't find any. :)

Tomorrow we're heading about two hours away to Fort Wayne. They have a children's zoo there that we've never been to. Funny, considering we've been to almost every single one within four hours of my house and yet we managed to miss the one that is rated in the top ten children's zoos. We'll be taking many photos. I plan on hijacking my mom's camera while we're there for the sole purpose of blog photos. ;)


Beth said...

Happy happy birthday to Jasmine! Sounds like she'll have a fab time at the zoo and at her party. She'll be all hopped up on sugar. Bet you can't wait!

As for remembering stuff, I keep a pad of paper and a notebook by my spot here at the table at all times. I chuckled at you sending yourself emails only because I can definitely see myself doing that! One of the best things about the computer is getting email reminders via my calendar. Everyone gets their birthday card on time now! :) Have fun tomorrow! Love, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Looking forward to the zoo pics :o)