Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quick photos for once!

This is my foster mommy, Kasima. She's much prettier in person. She's a really laid back cat. No new situations seem to upset her. Not even in my crazy house. :)

I jokingly tell them that they're digging their own graves. It started as a tiny hole and has... expanded. It's Tarin's favorite place to lay. Due to the aussie's long fur, they tend to get warm quickly. They have a dog pool but after a while, the best thing is a deep cool hole.

The baby chicks. Today they have quite a bit more fuzz. This was taken two days ago. I didn't realize how sad I would be when they left till I started talking to my mom about her barn swallows. Every year they have one or two clutches and then it's over. No more tweeting birdies. :( These guys are absolutely silent however. When mom and dad come to feed them, they just open their mouths and wait. I think it's a way to keep predators from finding them.


Wes said...


I love the pics of the little beauties! You know I love animals and enjoy your site.

I want to say I'm sorry to hear about Ringo.

I hope everyone that is sick feels better in your house. I do hope you get a little break soon. "It's your party and you can be Pissy if you want to" :)

I know what you mean about your neighbor, and about "Burbs".
I just rented it a couple weeks ago, I still love that film. At Least you have not found a femur yet! :)

I hope your neighbors in the Hood aren't as nutty. Be thankful you don't have Cory Feldman around waiting for the "Pizza Dude"

I hope your week is well!


Beth said...

Kasima looks like a sweetheart. What a pretty face! XO Beth