Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zoo Photos

These are some of the photos from the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. I decided to split them up for two reasons. The first, my computer suddenly started messing up and I can't view or alter any of my photos. (after I uploaded this bunch it started) Secondly, there are a lot and I figure people will appreciate it more if I don't give you a twenty minute entry. :)
These were made from real plants, although I'm not sure what it was exactly. Jasmine liked them a great deal. There was a giant horse made of the same stuff that I meant to get a photo of before we left but I forgot. By the end of the day, I was hot, exhausted and getting a little frustrated with kids.
A dingo ate me baby! This is a dingo. (if you didn't realize that already... well tsk tsk) We had a dog years ago that looked a great deal like this or a little like a coyote/dingo cross. She had some... screws loose I think. At one point, she full out bit my brother in the face when he was playing with her. We were extremely careful with her after that and she was never allowed near Jasmine again. Otherwise, she was a really sweet dog. Back to the dingo... I drove my mom nuts after we saw the dingo with that phrase. Or she would ask if I'd seen something of ours in the baby bag and I would say the dingo ate it. :) After I got home, I started wondering where the hell that phrase came from. Well, it's not a funny story. A woman in Australia was camping and her baby went missing. She said a dingo had carried the baby away. She was convicted of murdering the infant but later acquitted when they found evidence that a dingo may well have gotten the child. Takes all the fun out of the phrase.
I love the 'Roos. Jasmine does too, which was apparent when she asked only to see them and them alone all through the zoo. Go figure, they weren't the first place we went. I loved this guy in particular. He just has that look like he doesn't have a care in the world. Just hanging out on a sunny day. If they wanted to, they could've come right up to us. The only thing separating them from the humans was a chain rope along the path.
The one in the cage back there was really restless. I don't know why it was segregated from the group. My guesses would be pregnant, sick or on time out. The two standing that are closest to that one, almost started fighting right after this photo was taken. That was definitely a tense few seconds considering how close we were to them. The guy giving the dirty look is the instigator. Such a bully.
This was on the log ride. Jasmine loved it. She also went on the sky lift which is basically a ski lift through the Africa section. I didn't go on that one because Evan wasn't allowed. I was worried she would fall off or would back out at the last second but she went up there with my mom and seemed to be just fine.
This guy is huge. No, I mean, really huge. It's impossible to see from the photo. He was as long as I am tall and was probably up to my chest at the top of his shell. He was really cool to see. His wifey was a great deal smaller than he was but said he likes them lean. :) Those are baby goslings sitting by the water. I have never seen so many geese in one place before. They were absolutely everywhere, as were their babies. They had a place where you could feed the geese and the peacocks. I guess I don't blame them for setting up shop in the zoo, free food, safety and plenty of clean water.
You know, giraffe's always look so sleek and soft. I've always wanted to touch one. I had one lick my hand when I was a kid but I've never been able to pet one. Jasmine could've cared less but I decided I wasn't going to drive all that way and leave without petting him. They are extremely coarse as if they have been rolling in mud all day long. They also smell horrible. It's not like anything I have smelled before to even give you insight into what you're missing. Very musty.
I wish I could remember what these little meerkat-like guys were called. They had an unusual name so it's no wonder I forgot it. (see previous entry about losing ability to recall, well, everything) They were adorable. It's no wonder that I like them so much though. My favorite animal to visit at our local zoo are the prairie dogs, who, if you weren't aware, actually make a barking noise.
This peacock almost became lunch. After Evan crying for what seemed like an eternity (he's been super fussy since coming down with this cold), he finally passed out, at which time, Mr. Pea (I think you can understand why I didn't use the second part instead) decided to let out his best... and loudest, mating call. He was about three feet from us. Lucky for him, Evan didn't move.
He was extremely close to us in this photo. In my opinion, he was probably the prettiest of all the peacocks in the zoo. (and again, there were a ton of them) He was not, however, the most unusual. There was a male and female pair of peacocks that were completely white. That I can definitely say, I've never seen before. To be continued.......


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Great pictures. Looks like a very nice zoo. The animals look content and well cared for.

Beth said...

Oh, I totally would have kept saying the dingo ate me baby! Yes, it is a sad story, but the movie with Meryl Streep was apparently kind of a stinker, and so that phrase has sort of entered our pop culture. I think I'll try to work it in at some point today. Looks like a fun time, and I'm glad Jasmine enjoyed it! Hugs, Beth