Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bunny teefers

My mouth has a nice little infection growing in it. Anyone want a kiss now? ;) This is the second one in five months now. Add to that, my top left wisdom tooth is trying to grow into my jaw bone. I'm not sure how it managed to turn in that direction but there it is. I have Houdini teeth. I've been swallowing blood for a few days now. I should've just had the damn things removed when I had the chance, about three years ago. Jasmine was still a baby though and I was freaked out about the pain, taking care of her and the pain. Now I'm looking for a pair of pliers and a bottle of vodka. ;)

I finally got most of my plants in the ground yesterday. I can stop feeling guilty every time I look at the seed packets. I'm not worried if they don't come up this year, as most will bloom again next year. Although I would love to see some hollyhock flowers, I doubt it will happen as they have to grow quite tall. I've all but given up on sunflowers. I plant them, they sprout and then the rabbit comes along and chomps off their little heads. They never stand a chance. For living on a busy road, near the city, I have tons and tons of the little hoppers all around. We have babies running around the yard every year and usually from multiple parents. I plant food for them to eat, however they seem to like my tulips and sunflowers more. They never even touched the carrots I planted last year, snobs.


Beth said...

Ouch, Jamie, you might need to break down and see the dentist. That sounds horribly painful, and oral infections are dangerous. Please consider going soon! Hugs, Beth

Wes said...


I hope you feel better soon! Teeth are bastards sometimes. I wish you a better day today.


Wayne Images said...

Get some Blood Meal and put around the plants you don't want the bunnies to eat. It always kept them away from ours.