Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still ick-tastic

My room is like a sauna right now. Ick. I have the humidifier on for the screamer. (who is more of a screamer lately than ever) Last night he ended up sleeping in bed with me and Jasmine. That was enjoyable. A seven month old baby had an entire half of a queen bed, while me and Jazz were stuck with the other half. I was worried I would crush him or he would end up laying on the blanket and suffocate. Which is ironic considering I've co-slept with Jasmine since she was born and was never concerned about killing her. I guess since I haven't done it with Evan, I worry more that maybe I'll be overly tired and sleep through things that I normally wouldn't. That wasn't the case though. Every single time he moved, I woke up. And one time I woke up, he wasn't moving and I freaked a little. Surprise, he was sleeping. Jasmine ended up falling off the bed onto the hard tile floor. She climbed right back up and passed back out. Evan slept extremely well, only waking up once the entire night. I'm sure that had to do with the lack of sleep from the day/night before. And I'm fairly certain that we have all gotten some sort of mild flu. My back has been killing me since I started getting sick and now that Shawn is getting it, he's been having aches and pains as well. I've been walking hunched over like a little old lady.

I'm occasionally without a voice as well, which I can only assume is from coughing. It should make my husband happy. Instead of getting yelled at, he'll just get the Marge Simpson glare of disapproval. :) My grandma is the queen of that look. She even makes the "mmmmm" noise that Marge makes when she looks at Homer that way. It's always hard not to laugh when she does it.

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Beth said...

I hope this means Evan has turned the corner, and soon you and Shawn will, too. Hugs (but not too close, haha), Beth