Sunday, August 2, 2009

No butts today

Don't worry mom, this post shouldn't have anything to do with my nether regions or the bathroom at all. :) I am signed up for cake decorating classes for the next four weeks at Hobby Lobby. I'm looking forward to it, even though I'm signed up alone. I think it'll get me more out of my comfort zone not having someone with me, which in a way is good. Stay in that zone too long and you don't know how to get out of it. I'm going to sign up for another class after this one but I'm not sure if I'll take the second part of this course or start the first course on painting. I'm starting to learn more and more about my personality. I greatly enjoy creating things. Whether it be a gorgeous cake that tastes like heaven, painting something that when you look at it, you can TELL what it's supposed to be :), or making scrap books of my kids and foster animals. I wish they had a woodworking class because I'd love to learn how to do some of that. My uncle can take ordinary garage sale pieces and turn them into art. Everything he creates is just that, art. Yes, that is a sofa and it's pretty comfy too but when you take a step back and really look at it, it's art. He's the one in our family that is overflowing with creativity. I keep trying to steal some of it but he keeps it locked tightly away in a safety deposit box at an unknown location. :) Maybe my aunt Jeri will steal some for me. Anywho, I am excited about the classes, so much so that I already bought 28 tips.

Went out to eat at a new place tonight. It's a local one Eddie's Steak Shed. It was good food and pretty large portions as well. No one can top my husband's steak but this was right up there. It had every little fat anywhere on it. That's pretty good for a 14oz sirloin. And they bring you bread fresh. Omigod, I love fresh bread. Apparently so does Evan. It never fails, just as we're about to put the first bite of food in our mouth, he starts fussing so one of us goes hungry till the other is finished and can take him. There was one piece of bread left so I pulled the crust off, handed it to him and told Shawn to watch him like a hawk. He gummed that bread the entire rest of our meal and into dessert. I told my husband 'Watch we're going to have to run him to the ER for a gluten allergy now.' and laughed. I still want to try another place but it's about a 45 minute drive so we'll see when we get around to that. In a couple of months we're going to an extremely expensive steak restaurant. We just want to see if the food really is better or if you're getting screwed out of a lot of money. I wonder if I have to dress up or if jeans is kosher? :)

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Beth said...

Glad you got to try Eddie's. I've never been there, but hear it's good. Where are the other places you want to try?

As for being creative, good for you for trying something new! I've been trying to work on that, too. A friend once pointed out to me that writing is an act of creativity, too. I had never looked at it that way, but she's right. Hugs, Beth