Sunday, August 9, 2009

The cat whispering dog

Sorry for the short post earlier. I haven't been taking iron pills because I assumed since I no longer bleed 1 out of 3 weeks of the month that maybe I wouldn't need them. I found out at dinner with Beth and Ken that I was wrong when I felt very faint and a little like I was going to vomit. (hence the hasty run to the bathroom guys!) I felt better after a few minutes but knew when I got home that I would be popping a pill. I should feel a lot better tomorrow and already feel some improvement tonight. At least aside from my allergies which are, kicking my ass.

When I have new cats, I try to socialize them with all the animals I have. It makes them easier to adopt out later. I typically use the same dog each time. Tarin is very cat friendly and he's no neurotic therefore, he puts most cats at ease after a few minutes. He absolutely loves cat and kittens even more so. Unfortunately, if they hiss at him, he quickly becomes very scared and tries to make as little eye contact with them as possible. Such was the case tonight. Momma quietly hissed, which put all the kittens on edge (imagine seven tiny backs arched at once) and I had to carry Tarin the rest of the way into the room. He's not a huge dog but he's at least fifty pounds, probably more and heavier still when he really doesn't want to enter a room. The kittens came around quickly but momma needed a little more time. Eventually, everyone came up to investigate him (two tried to find a place to nurse, which caused dumb dog look in Tarin... you know when they turn their head from side to side, that my friends, is dumb dog look), even if they did initially have their backs arched. Momma even laid down with him. He's my cat whisperer, who is strangely enough, a dog. I have a ton of new photos of the kitties, most of which I uploaded to Facebook but will post several on here as well.

Three of the new four. The two closest are siamese.

Jasmine with the whole crew.

This is a flame point siamese. The orange points will come out stronger as she becomes an adult. She is fairly skittish. I've already been bitten, scratched, hissed at and even spit at by this one. Very pretty cat with nice markings. Shouldn't take long for her to come around. Her eyes should stay that pretty blue color. I had many other photos up for viewing but my blogger is being... a big meanie pooh pooh head and suddenly deleted half of them when I pressed the enter key. I'll upload more tomorrow.


Wes said...

Animals, you know how I feel.

I despise allergies and sinus's too. I hope you feel better than I do when I have them.

The kids and the kittens get bigger, don't they?

MJ has not had her pacifier in almost three weeks. It has been OK.(Hell):) She brings it up often, but never cries.

I hope you and the family has been enjoying the summer.

I'm glad you were able to see some good people face to face.

I wish my favorite Atheist a good night and a great day tomorrow. :)

Take care,
Wes,Lisa,and MJ

Beth said...

Oh no, I'm sorry you felt pukey! I'm glad it wasn't us making you feel that way. LOL I'm glad you're feeling better.

The mental image of those kittens trying to nurse on Tarin is making me laugh. :) Hugs, Beth

Robin said...

Oh, they are utterly adorable. Jasmine looks very pleased:)
My white cats looked almost like that as wee kitties, but I forgot what breed, it's one proudly displayed at my vets office, Absynnian or eh, it's late and I forget... and misspelled.

My dog, Daisy, adores kittens and likes cats (particularly if she helped raise them). Except she liked to pretend she could nurse when they'd try oy vey. You're not the momma, Daisy. Momma didn't care once they were old enough. She didn't like Daisy going after the kitties as new borns, obviously.

Do you have a photo of them all snuggled up with your dog?