Friday, August 14, 2009

Food + Family = Jamie Happy

Love is a good thing, no matter who is sharing it.

I made those cookies that had to sit in the fridge. They're really good warm (thank you Mr. Microwave) but extremely crunchy cold. I'm going back to my other recipe. I liked the way these cooked and spread out so I'm going to try to tweak my other recipe slightly here and there to end up with the same size of cookies. I also plan on giving the skillet cookie another go, this time cooking it for a few minutes less.

My cousin is coming for a visit next weekend, possibly. We haven't set the date in stone. I'm excited to see him. The last time I saw him was at the end of May. It'll be great to see him and I'll get him to myself for a few hours as he may be staying the night. When a family member comes around that we haven't seen in a while, everyone wants to get a chance to see them. No one gets much one on one time. However, I have the extra bed and rooms. haha suckers. :)

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Beth said...

Way to go on snaggin' the cuz for yourself! Enjoy the visit--is this the cousin you mentioned in an email? Hugs, Beth