Friday, August 28, 2009

Bad realtor, go sit in the time-out chair

I woke up way later than I should've today so we ended up at my dad's about an hour later than normal. The reason for my late wake up? For starters, I didn't fall asleep till about 10am (I have no idea what that's about) and then came a knock on my front door at about 11am. I don't answer the door if my husband isn't home. Period. If you're coming to my house, chances are you know to call ahead and typically, anyone who stops by unannounced uses the other door since they have a key to it. Usually around that time of day it's a Jehovah or salesman. (yes, they do still go door to door) This person woke up both my kids, in turn, keeping me awake. While I occupied both their little minds with the color and noise of the television, I went to see if the person had left something at the door. (this was about forty minutes later) It was a realtor. I was pissed. My first thought was that they drove by, saw the sign in the front yard that the house was for sale and decided to try and steal my business. My second was that they wanted to look at the house. We talked to our realtor later in the day and it was a realtor wanting to see the house. Apparently, she's not very intelligent as my realtor had just spoken to her a few days prior and told her the house wasn't being shown yet and that we still live here. The woman called my realtor from my driveway and complained that no one was letting her in the house and she couldn't find a lock box. She is damn lucky I did not answer the door as I would've lit into her. My realtor (nicer than I would've) told her again that the house is not being shown and to please not just show up on our front door and expect a guided tour. She needs to schedule an appointment. What ever happened to a little consideration? Because I'm the seller, my time is no longer important? You. Cannot. Just. Show. Up. On. My. Doorstep. I absolutely loathe this process and vow never to sell a house again. Our next house is our last. I don't care if it is suddenly deemed unlivable by the county, I will tear it down and rebuild it, rather than sell anything. This is a nightmare that is only going to get much worse when we are actually showing. And it won't be long. Our realtor has already received phone calls and interest from people who see it as they are driving by.

My grandmother was quiet. She has gotten more reserved the worse her memory gets. At first it seemed like she was embarrassed and didn't want to talk for fear of not remembering a word or a time. Now it just seems like she doesn't remember most words. She just watches and smiles. She has two brand new great grandsons, mine and my cousins. They were born a month apart and she sees the other baby constantly. She cannot remember his name however. She doesn't seem to remember many names at all come to think of it. She remembered that there were raccoons on my dad's deck the night before however. Some things stick and others just fade away. From what I hear she has been getting harder and harder to take care of when she's living with my aunt. While we were there she wasn't very combative about things she would normally fight my dad on. I think it was mainly because she didn't want to make a scene in front of us but I have no doubt that if we hadn't been there, she would've fought. For now I think my aunt can handle it on her own but soon she is going to need to realize that she needs help. Whether that means an assisted living facility or a nurse coming in to help, I don't know. I don't know how she does it now without losing her mind.


Sonya said...

Wow, I am not much for unannounced visitors either. I will NOT go to the door.

Hope all goes well with the move. It is an exciting time and has some tension too. lol

Beth said...

I'm sorry to hear that your grandma's memory is failing. I hope your aunt can get some help soon.

My folks have their house up for sale, too, and someone recently just stopped by to look at it. They just pulled in the driveway, came up, and knocked on the door. A couple, and one of their parents, I think. I told Mom, "That is just rude! You don't just stop in to look at a house--you call and make an appointment!" Then they hung around in the driveway for a while and talked. I'm with you--I would have lit into that realtor, and I would have lit into those people who just stopped by at my folks. What is wrong with people?? Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We have found our final homestead here, and vow to not only not sell, but to not ever do another garage sale.

Enjoy every moment with your GM you can, because it does not get better.