Sunday, August 9, 2009

One more for the road

I'm getting ready for bed, doing the bathroom stuff. I hear kittens screaming and hissing. I'm thinking one of three things: 1-someone is stuck somewhere and freaking out, 2-a cat is in there that shouldn't be in there, 3-the new kitties and the old kitties aren't getting along so well. I rush in there, mainly expecting to see a cat with it's claw stuck in a piece of furniture. No, they're fighting over teats. Momma cat is standing by the door and there are seven kittens hanging from her. I break up the drinking party but she walks a foot and a half, lays down and lightly mews. Of course, it starts all over again. They're like sharks that taste blood in the water. I told them all tonight that there's only going to be a few more days that the milk bar is open and then I'm taking momma into the general population of the house and the kittens will stay in their room. I can't believe she has teats at all. They all have teeth... sharp teeth! Savages.


Indigo said...

I had two litters and 2 mother's on my porch at one time. One litter was a few weeks older than the other. The older kittens got rehomed before the younger one's were weened. Those 5 kittens had to be in heaven. Both mother's nursed them. The problem was the real mother started getting territorial with her kittens. Thankfully it was only another month before all those kittens found homes.

I think it's awesome everyone got to meet each other outside of blogger-ville.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Good grief girl, get some sleep :o)

Beth said...

That poor momma kitteh. They'll drain her dry!