Saturday, August 8, 2009

Last Litter

This is the litter before this most recent one.
Here is Dharma. Yes, her one eye is a little droopy. She was getting over an eye infection. Her nails are also painted. I had to find a way for the other foster to tell them apart. :) She was a lover.
Ryder, one of the trouble makers.
This is Rylee, the other trouble maker. She was my favorite of that litter. I was sad to see her go. Little monster that she was. Again, she was getting over a cold so her nose was a little stuffy.

Everett, the other lover. He and his sister would follow you around till you sat down and then climb on up onto a lap.

Kade was kind of in between being lovey and trouble. As you can tell, he had a thing for my purse. The only one that was easily recognizable from his siblings.


Beth said...

Aww! Everett has the sweetest look on his face! XO

Lisa said...

They are all so precious - seems to be a run on gray kitties this year. Never had one and now it seems they are everywhere!