Sunday, May 31, 2009

I beat you to it Jeri!

I'm certain my aunt has some... interesting photos of me from today. I was at their house for my *favorite* cousin's graduation. I'll wait till either she posts them or I get them posted myself. (she has the evidence on her camera) Let's just say, you should avoid trampolin's after you've had two kids, because you just never know well your bladder is going to hold up. No I didn't wet myself but I came damn close. haha

This is my auntie Jeri. She is also the blog owner of Wayne Images to the right of my blog there. No, look down further. It's in alphabetical. Yes, down by XYZ. ;)

This would by my husband, sitting in the rocking chair on the porch like an old man. About ten minutes after this photo he went and took a nap in the car... like an old man. :) He has a sinus infection and wasn't feeling well at first.

Jasmine standing in front of their gorgeous house. The inside is just awesome. Half of their furniture was actually made by my uncle and most of the wall art as well. They are very artistic in every way it seems. And their house is very nicely decorated without losing that feeling of home. I don't think I've ever felt uncomfortable at their house.

This is Zuko. If I were to ever own a "real" horse (the only horse I want is a mini... they're the size a large dog) it would be Zuko. He's... my horse boyfriend. :) He's such a sweet and mellow guy. You just can't help but love him. And he really is a horse of a different color. Jeri, you should put something on the blog showing how much he has changed since you first got him to now. He wasn't always white. The last photos I have of him were from three-ish years ago and he wasn't completely white back then.

This is Bones. He kept giving me the donkey end of things so this was the only head shot I got of him. (get it... ass end... donkey? harharhar) He's all spirited arabian horse. I believe both horses came from the auction. Bones was in awful shape, hence the name, Bones. You can safely say that they are not starving now. :)

I just loved this one of Zuko so I had to throw it in there, along with the twenty other photos I'm subjecting you to. I just cannot get over how WHITE he is now. I wish I had some earlier photos of him on this computer but I only have photos from the last six months on here.

Whaddaya mean you forgot my swing at home? Oh you are SO going to pay for that! And pay we did. He wouldn't sleep on the carpet, in his carseat, in my arms, or on the grass. You know where I got him to fall asleep? On the cement porch laying on a very thin blanket. Of all the places to sleep, he sleeps there.

Jazzy on the trampoline. It'd be great to have one here if there was some magic guarantee that she would never break any bones because she would jump on that thing till she passed out. Now for the adults... it seems to have a sea sickness effect. You jump on that thing a good ten times and when you get off, your brain continues to bounce for a while. (stupid equilibrium) Very odd sensation to say the least. Especially when you're running to the bathroom to pee.

Auntie again! Look at those clean country girl feet. I'm awake half an hour and my feet are black. Although that may have something to do with the lack of shoes in the warmer months for me. My mommy is off to the left, although with all the netting, you'd be hard pressed to identify her in a line up. You Jer, I realized when we left that other than my kids and the horses, you're the only person I took a picture of. It was Chad's graduation and I didn't get any pictures of him and I didn't get any of my uncle. I'll fix that in July. :)

The rainbow that came out on our way home. There were actually two but the other one didn't show up till a while after this photo. (I swear they stalked us halfway home) I was having great difficulty trying to take a picture over the heads of two sleeping kids. Jasmine passed out before we reached the end of my aunt's road, no joke. I think Evan made it longer than she did.

The next group of photos were taken on a handful of different days but I'm lazy and didn't feel like making a handful of other entries.

We have BABIES! I thought for sure they wouldn't hatch since she never stayed on them for long as we were in and out the backdoor. But here they are. Daddy has been very attentive to mom, bringing her various foods. I actually saw her refuse something from him. I'm sure he wanted to say, 'You know if you don't like the food I find for you, I could always sit around doing nothing and you can go fly all over the neighborhood looking for stuff to eat.' I swear it was as if she looked to him and said 'Now, how long have we been together? You KNOW I don't eat that crap, take it back where you found it.... and bring me something sweet while you're at it!'

I'm not sure what I did to deserve that look of shock. He knew I was weird when he was in the womb, he REALLY knows now that he's here so nothing should come as a surpise and yet... the look.

And yet, ANOTHER. See how red that one cheek is? That's from the eczema. We'll get it under control and then all of the sudden, it comes back. Ok, so we only seem to be able to control it on his face, his arms, legs and torso... they always have splotches on them. I think this recent outbreak was from me kissing his cheeks over and over again... it makes him laugh. I'll have to start putting lotion on his cheeks after I do that from now on.

This was on our way to a creek. Some of the fields have these marshy areas. When it rains for a few days, these roads become impassable.

This isn't the best photo of her but I was more trying to show ALL her hair. I didn't take notice of how much hair the child actually has until I put these photos on here. This was her first time in a booster seat, giving her more freedom to move in the seat. She sat like that for the full half hour drive with the wind blowing her hair everywhere. It was cute till we got home and it took a full half hour more to brush out the tangles in her hair.
This is Evan's first time rolling over onto his stomach from his back. I actually had the camera on me and was able to photograph it. Now he won't stop. It's over and over onto his tummy but he hasn't really figured out how to roll back. He did it once tonight but I don't know if he'll attempt it for a while. He managed to crack his head on the floor in the process.

Holy crap, I did it. Now what do I do?

I didn't get these eyelashes from my mommy. These are all daddy. Poor red cheeked eczema baby.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Jamie, those are cute pictures. I love the kids and the horses. The baby is getting so big!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love the wide-eyed look :o)

Indigo said...

Love all the pictures. The older Evan gets the more his expressions seem to mimic Jas. (Hugs)Indigo

Wayne Images said...

You totally beat me to it. I'll have to post pictures soon, today was a blur. It was so fun to have ya'll down here and we can't wait to see you again. You know, I don't know that Perry ever got his picture taken yesterday.

Did you know that Jazz took that picture of me and my clean feet on the trampoline? Look out, she may be following in her mom's photographic footsteps. And her uncle Perry's too.

Beth said...

I loved all the pictures! The kids are so adorable, and I can tell you had a great time with family! I totally missed the rainbow, though...darn it! Love, Beth