Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Photos

Jasmine with my cockatiel, Violet. I don't allow this often as Jasmine upsets the bird more than anything. Mainly due to the fact that I am Violet's human. She only wants to be on my shoulder or with me. She's proven that when I leave the room, she'll fly after me. The other day, I left the cage open for her and didn't close it after she was out... the parakeet got out. Romeo isn't exactly well versed in flying or being caught. I managed to catch, rather gently, in the air.

My little peeper frog from a few weeks ago. Yes, I brought him in to take a picture of him. He was no bigger than my thumb nail.

As far as Savannah is concerned, that is not a baby behind her. It's a puppy and it's her puppy. She will lay anywhere he is. And looks at me as if I'm not doing my job correctly if he begins to cry.

Jasmine's new favorite game. Grab all of daddy's hats and put them all on... at once.

A winter sun rise outside my kitchen window. I remember this morning because I was so pissed that Jasmine just would not go to sleep. I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water, after she finally passed out, and this was what greeted me at the sink.

Caramel brownies made from scratch a few weeks ago. They were as good as they look.

This is my mom's cat, Ivy. She just showed up, like the three gray cats. She is one of the friendliest cats out there... at least with humans. All other animals she seems to despise. She puts up with the other cats because she has no choice but she definitely doesn't like it. When anyone comes to my mom's house, Ivy is there to greet you, before you even exit the car door. The electric guy, the fedex guy, a friend, family, it just doesn't matter who you are.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Great photos and comments about them. Funny about the dog and the baby!

Beth said...

I loved seeing all the pictures, and those of your Mom's cats as well. I'm sorry about her losing one, and I'm sorry about Little White Kitty. :( That just breaks my heart.

Hugs, Beth

Indigo said...

I loved all the pictures. Too cool how protective Savannah is over Evan. (Hugs)Indigo