Friday, May 22, 2009

Never again

I will never willingly go through that again. Evan went to the doctor yesterday for another set of shots. This is the set that made my daughter ill when she was a baby. We were told her 102.3 temperature was normal and caused by the shot and that she slept for 24 hours, only waking to eat, was normal as well. I was uncomfortable getting these shots for Evan due to what I went through with Jasmine. Evan's temperature was over 102 today and he spent six hours straight crying off and on. He never slept once in those six hours. He usually stays awake for two, maybe three hours at a time before he passes out. It was pure hell. After going through this a second time, I have decided if we have anymore children in the future (which I would like to) that we'll put off this particular shot cocktail till they're a little older. He/she will still get the shots but not at four months. I just do not feel it is safe for a four month old to be in that much distress and have such a high temperature. I will be finding out in advance what his next set of shots will be as well and if I'm uncomfortable with them in the least, they will either be put off or broken up into separate appointments. I am done worrying that my kid's fever will get so high due to a shot that I have been told is safe that he will have a seizure. I just won't. I didn't get any sleep last night because I was worried that his fever would spike and then when I finally did fall asleep, he began to feel the effects of the shot. He was awake and asleep so much that I thought I'd lose my mind if I didn't get a full hour of sleep in. We were supposed to go fishing at eleven this morning but due to the fact that I'd only had maybe a total of two hours, I decided it could wait till the afternoon. Two more months and I may have to go through this all over again if it's only one shot that is affecting him. I won't know which one unless I ask them to break it up over two appointments and then I may still end up with a miserable baby.

I was hoping to have been given an appointment at my ob-gyn today. That was the issue I was talking about in the last entry. I've been having pain for a few weeks in my chest but it felt like a muscle so I didn't think anything of it. Yesterday I was really uncomfortable so I thought I'd just feel around to make sure. I didn't expect to find anything. But I did. They think it's a cyst and want me to wait two weeks. If I'm still having pain and it's still there, I should make an appointment. My ob wasn't there today so this was another ob telling me what he wanted me to do. I think if my doctor was there, I'd be going in. He never takes a chance, no matter how small of one, with his patients. Hopefully, it will be gone in two weeks and I'll just mention it at my appointment in July to make doubly sure.

I was also told at Evan's appointment yesterday that he needs to be set up with a surgeon to start things rolling to have his testicle moved into proper position. The idea of him going under sedation is scary as hell. It's too much to even consider until we see the surgeon. He'll also be going to see an eye doctor for a procedure to have his tear duct opened. We were hoping it would open on it's own but it has shown no signs of improving since his birth. The kid is a mess. And he's such a baby that this is all going to be a nightmare. Jasmine is a little hardass. When she was a baby, it took a lot of pain to get her to cry. She slept through several sets of shots and then when she would wake up, it would only be for a few minutes. She's taken falls that would have an adult in tears, yet she only cries for a minute and goes back to playing. It takes real pain to make her scream. (like when the cat bit through her finger) Evan on the other hand... ugh. Literally, no bullshitting, he farted really hard and he started crying. I'm. not. joking. He cries over every single tiny thing that could possibly cause pain. If he's startled, he cries, farts-cries, scratches himself-cries, feels a slight breeze and thinks it's too chilly-cries. It's ridiculous. Therefore, any surgery or procedure... anything done to him will surely be a screaming, crying nightmare. I should remember to take earplugs.

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Amazing how different two children can be.