Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Loved, if only for a little while

I wish I had good news today. The little white kitten died. I have one kitten left and the mom. We're still not sure if the black one will make it or not. It's not easy to explain death to your child over and over. It will be even harder when I have two of them to explain it to. Right now, Evan is far too young to understand even what an animal is, let alone life and death. My mom also lost a cat today. One of the strays she feeds seemed to get into a cat fight a few weeks ago. She's the only one that can touch the cat so I was never able to get a good look at the bites. He had one around his ear. Over time, it began to swell. It got to the point that she had to take him to the vet today. Turns out, it wasn't a swollen abscess. It was a fast growing tumor. It had started to constrict his ability to eat and breath. She had him euthanized to prevent him from being in anymore pain. She also feeds his two siblings (they have to be siblings, all three cats look exactly a like and showed up at the same time...) but they're even more skittish than he was. They all have the same name. The one that died was Gray, then there's Mean Gray and finally Pretty Gray.

Just Gray.

Pretty Gray. Isn't he gorgeous. He'd be living with me by now if he would tolerate humans. I don't have any photos of Mean Gray, but he is almost identical to Gray.

Tomorrow I have the dreaded IUD appointment. I'll be taking a vicodin before I go to hopefully, numb most of the pain. I've heard everything from it's not painful at all to it's excruciating. I guess it just depends on your doctor and pain tolerance. I just plain prefer not to feel pain, that's my tolerance. :) Therefore, I played some DDR tonight as I don't know when I'll feel like jumping around again. I really need to find another one of those mats, only broken so that my daughter will stop stealing my DDR time. I tried to do it while she was in the bathtub today but she heard the music and decided she was done with the bath. Something I'm doing must be working between working out and eating less crap, I'm back into the 120's... barely. I don't mind my size at the moment, but I have a problem with the slight girl love handles, the mommy pouch and the rubbing of my thighs. If I can just get trim, I'd be happy. I'd like to go back to my old jean size, mainly just so I don't have to buy all new jeans. I had just bought three pairs of jeans right before I got pregnant with Evan. I was thinking it would take a little longer to conceive than it actually did. I think I'll work on a photo entry now. After looking at the pictures of those two kitties, I want to add some more photos. :) Tomorrow I should go out and take pictures of the magnolia tree and the japanese maple as they both have flowers at the moment. My dogwood is just getting some. Ohhhh and the lilacs outside my kitchen window are flowering. Is there any better smells than fresh baby and lilacs? Ok, maybe cookies, cake and brownies fresh from the oven around PMS time. :)


Adirondackcountrygal said...

I can only dream of being in the 120's again! Too bad about the kitten and gray cat. I had a bad experience getting my IUD put in. It was painful but only briefly. Later as my body adjusted I had pretty severe cramps, but now I love it! NO more period!

Indigo said...

Explaining this to little ones is so hard. When Skye was little we lived on a country lane. She saw roadkill all the time. One day she asked me what kind of doctor helps animals. I told her a Veterinarian. She said that word over and over until she got it just right and memorized. I was saddened the day she decided not to continue college after that first year. I thought for sure the little girl and her dream would win out.

The Gray's are beautiful. I have a female cat I call Gray. She has a Black Spiral on her sides, it's strangely unique. (Hugs)Indigo

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sorry the little guy did not make it :o(