Friday, May 15, 2009

Here kitty, kitty

I just introduced my house cats to the fosters. I had to wait till they were completely healthy and it had been two weeks before everyone met. Oh, yes, I said healthy. As in the little black kitten that the vets said would die? She's alive and well. She runs, jumps and attacks anything that wiggles. :) I've named her Eleanor. It was the first name that came to mind when I picked her up and said you need a name. Usually when that happens, it's the right name for that animal. Hmmm, got sidetracked... where was I? Oh yes, introductions. This is Saffron's first time as a house cat and not as a foster so I was interested to see how he would handle meeting an intruder. He did very well. He wants very badly to play with Eleanor but he is entirely too rough and I have to stop him each time. He's unsure of Kassy. She wants to play with him and chased him around the foster room but he seemed to see it as... a little too much too soon. :) I think it's about time he got some of his own medicine for a change. I'm still sad that I lost two but I'm so impressed with Eleanor's will to live. Her new owner's had better not be the type to carry kitties around however, as Ellie is having none of it. I'm starting to get to the point where I can nail down a kittens personality before it leaves me. Some cats are easier to read than others but you can usually tell who will be a trouble maker, a whiner and a sourpuss fairly quickly. Eleanor is a little bit of a sourpuss and a little bit whiner. I doubt she'll end up being much trouble after she leaves the kitten stage of life.


Beth said...

Isn't it amazing that she's thriving? Even though you had two losses, it must be so gratifying to know that you pulled one through. I was at Petsmart on Wed. and stopped to look at the kittehs. Two adult cats were there, and the card said that their owners lost their jobs and were unable to care for them anymore. Yet another casualty of a bad economy: homeless animals. So sad...I wanted to take them all home! Love, Beth

Indigo said...

I'm delighted to hear the news about Eleanor. I've count the cats I have to be unpredictable in nature. Just when I think I have them figured out they go and change personalities. Socrates when I first got her was a total bitch and she had the 7 toed claws to prove it. She hated men for some reason. These days she curls up to Paul as loving as can be.
Those 7 toed wonder claws curl around your fingers when you're holding her.