Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dancing Plants

I received my morning glory seeds today. She also threw in some vanilla ice sunflowers. I wasn't aware of what they were till I looked them up. They'll be very cute. I plan on starting a few of the morning glories inside. They'll be in a pot outdoors anyway so why not? While I was out yesterday, I also bought some more zinnia's (that makes three packs of zinnia seeds alone... no. more. zinnias) and a pack of foxglove. It wasn't till I was at home that I realized I couldn't plant the foxglove in the backyard. Poisonous if eaten. My dogs try to devour any and all plants that I love, they'd definitely try and eat the foxglove. It'll have to go in the front flower boxes, along with my gladiolas and freesia. (both that I just bought this year)

We played some dance dance revolution tonight. I must have burned all the calories I've taken in for the last week. We were playing for almost two hours and by the end I was sweaty and red faced. I just wish it had some better song choices on it. I honestly don't know how anyone could move fast enough to go up from the basic level of difficulty. After that it just gets crazy fast and complicated. At least I get a good workout and have fun doing it. It also keeps track of the calories you're burning. I was averaging 14 calories each song. More fun than pilates any day. :)

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Beth said...

I love morning glories, but need to move our two oak barrels. They don't get enough sun where they're at. Happy planting! Hugs, Beth