Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birdie, Birdie!

About two weeks ago, we noticed that a bird had been building a nest right next to our back door. It was within days of Shawn putting up an extension on our fence so that the dogs couldn't jump it any longer. I never actually saw the bird up there so I had no idea who was making the nest. Now I know. She has laid at least one egg. I don't know if there were more than that because I'm short and I had to jump just to see in the nest. The bird that is calling our house, home, is a Gray Catbird. I had never heard of them before now and was only able to identify her based on the egg color which is a very pretty teal and about the size of a Robin's egg. We're trying to give her as much space as possible but she's made it difficult with the placement of her nest being in a high traffic area of the yard. Hopefully we'll have some babies soon! I will keep an eye on the nest to make sure no starlings try to leave their own eggs. If they did, I wouldn't hurt the eggs but I would remove them from the nest and try to care for them myself. They're not native to the US so no wildlife rehabilitation places can take them. Learned that when I found one injured. I'll try to get some photos when mom isn't in the nest.

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Beth said...

I love gray catbirds. I think they're so handsome, and I love that mewing call of theirs! They sometimes come up to the deck and eat oranges, and they also like grape jelly. See, you have more than just crows!! XO Beth