Friday, May 22, 2009

Rock, meet hard place

Being a parent really sucks sometimes. The decisions you have to make are more than agonizing. Evan slept for twenty minutes before waking back up and crying for, well I honestly don't know how long. It went on for a while. An hour? He's sleeping in his swing right now and I have the tv on a station that plays music for spa businesses. (we bought this swing when he was a month old and the music on it no longer works already...) I may end up sleeping on the floor (which is made of hard frickin' tile by the way) because I'm really not comfortable with his reaction to this shot. I'm almost certain it was the DTaP shot and probably from the pertussis part of the vaccine. His reaction was considered one of the more moderate ones and I will have to make a decision on whether or not to get any boosters for pertussis. Whooping cough has gone up a great deal in the last twenty years. Do I risk him getting whooping cough or do I risk a more severe reaction to the shot? I have two months to consider it and I think I'll be calling his doctor tomorrow and letting them know that he's had this severe of a reaction. He's normally kind of a fussy baby but it's not hard to calm him down so for him to go on like this for hours and hours, is very unusual. And scary. The only solace I have so far is that his temperature seems to be leveling off now and staying between 100 and 101. That's even after the tylonel wears off. I don't think most dad's fret over this kind of thing the way mom's do. Dad's seem to expect the shots to cause problems and ask less questions about those reactions than women. At least in my case, considering my husband is sleeping soundly, while I lay here awake worrying that if I fall asleep, I'll wake up to a very sick child or worse. My poor little E... little problem child 'O mine. I want to cuddle him and make him feel better and he just seems to want his swing. Jasmine always preferred to be held when she was uncomfortable or sick. E... just wants to be left the hell alone. At least I have one cuddle bunny.

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Beth said...

I'd say to discuss it with Evan's doc and go from there. I could be wrong, but I think babies can have a much higher fever than older kids or adults, and be okay. So even though Evan (and Mom!) were miserable, 102° isn't dangerously high. But I'm no authority, so definitely talk to the doc!

I'd get in there as soon as possible about your cyst, too. I had one a few years ago, and just the peace of mind of knowing that it was harmless was a huge load off of my mind. It was a scary time until I could get in, you know?

Love, Beth