Monday, May 4, 2009

Round, round, get around

Anyone catch the Derby yesterday? Wow, was that a fantastic race or what? I don't think I've seen anything like it in my lifetime. Afterwards the horse didn't even seem to realize he'd won. In my opinion, most of the time when a horse wins, he knows he's won. He holds his head a little higher than the other horses, has a little more of a prance in his step. He could just be following the lead of the jockey, I for one, don't think that's the case. It was awesome. Unfortunately, I'm not feeling a triple crown this year. I think for that horse to win the next two, he'd have to encounter the same type of luck and come out of the gate perfect. (the luck being all those horses moving out of his way at just the right time in the final stretch) What an awesome race however. I always make Jasmine sit and watch the actual race, just in case that is the year for a triple crown. She may not remember seeing the race but she'll always know that she witnessed it, even if only through her parents recollection.

My white kitten has suddenly taken a turn for the worse, while the black has started to get a little better. I went into the foster room yesterday and found the kitten not in her box with her brother. She was chilly and breathing heavily. Almost the same way you would expect if she had pneumonia. I've started her on antibiotics. If she doesn't improve by Tuesday, I'll ask if it's ok if she goes in with her brother to the vet. (who has been to the vet four times in the two weeks I've had him... did I mention the vet is 45 minutes from my house???)

My legs are killing me today. Two hours of DDR was a little too much. When I work out, I don't typically work my leg muscle much, especially not my calves. DDR is all legs. I wanted to play another game or two but I thought I'd better take a day off, rather than risk pulling something. Damn dangerous game I tell ya. :)

Yesterday we stopped to get some coffee. (ok I got coffee, Shawn and Jazz got juice) While I was inside grabbing it all, I ran into the mentally handicapped guy that always hangs out there. This is the nicest man you could ever hope to meet. I tend to be uncomfortable around mentally handicapped people. It's mainly because I don't want to say or do the wrong thing. It's the reason why I only fed horses at our local Reins of Life rather than help with the kids. I am completely at ease with this guy, Dave however. He remembers every single holiday and tells everyone happy "insert holiday!" I saw him and was planning on saying hi before I left but he came up to me while I was waiting for my order and suddenly said "Happy Mother's Day!" When he saw Jasmine. I thanked him of course. He's just the sweetest guy. He told me his name is Dave. (which I knew from previous times being in there and overhearing him telling someone else) And I replied "Hi Dave, I'm Jamie." He then came up and took my hand in both his hands and told me it was very nice to meet me. Anyone can say these things but the look in his eyes is so completely genuine. He really is happy to meet everyone he talks to, it's not just a polite phrase to him. He honestly makes my day every single time I run into him. I want to hug him when I leave but I'm sure it would be considered by most, inappropriate. I hope he has plenty of family and friends in his life that enjoy him as I much as I do.


Robin said...

It is great that there are people like that in our world, and glad he is in yours.:)
Sure hope the kitties improve, the white one in particular as the black one seems hopefully on the mend now. Scary, especially as white one got chilled, too.

But, oh my, I read all about the derby race. Loved it, just loved it:) There is nothing arguable about that win.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Where do you go to get your coffee, Dave sounds like someone I would like to meet :o)