Saturday, May 23, 2009

To ease stress, play in dirt once a day everyday

Evan is getting better since 24 hours ago. He's still fussy as hell but no longer screaming for six hours at a time. Geeeezus, I am so glad I never had a baby with colic. I. would. have. died. Seriously, that was pure, unfiltered, effin' hell last night. It is so nice to hear only silence. The nice little click clack of keys and the whistling of air through Evan's nose is literally the only noise in this room.

In the last couple of days, I've been spending a ton of time outside, trying to get my flower beds ready. I have one of the medium sized areas fully planted now. It's just a matter of waiting to see what actually comes up. I may have planted... quite a few. I did this a few years ago as well and it turned out quite fantastic. I just threw a bunch of seeds onto the ground, lightly covered them and water the hell out of them. A few months later, I had tons of flowers that bloomed from summer through fall. This time around, I used flowers that don't get very tall. The only mistake the first time around was that I didn't look at the height of the flowers before just tossing them on there. This particular flower bed needs shorter flowers in order not to look ridiculous. The first year, I planted flowers that may or may not have been said to top out around three feet. :) This year, I made sure nothing went above 14 inches. I've also been working on a brand spanking new flower area. Before it had mulch down and looked very nice but I wanted some flowers around the bird bath and feeder so I pulled up the plastic crap that is supposed to keep things from growing there. However, I first had to remove all the crap that had been growing there. It's been quite an ordeal as I don't want to use the ever dangerous mechanical monster known as tiller. Hell's bell's that thing is scary. I will never operate something that has that many claws and moves that fast. It just wouldn't be safe for anyone in the general area. I don't want my husband to till that area as I'm worried the plastic stuff would get stuck in there and it would be a big mess to fix. I'd rather just use some good ole human muscle. (and a few curse words along the way) I had no idea how many freaky looking bugs lived under dirty plastic. It's not hard to see where early horror films came from. After almost finishing that area, Jasmine runs up to me flipping out that there are ants on her tricycle. The girl hates bugs, any bug... except worms. Worms she can handle, ants however, not so much. I walk over thinking there will be two, maybe three ants tops, as is the usual case. No, it really was covered in ants. I took the thing apart only to find the ants had decided the inside of the seat would make a faaaaabulous home with it's red interior walls and nice roof... oh and don't forget the built in central air. I had to wait for everyone to evacuate the eggs and then put it all back together once it was ant free. (I rarely kill anything if I can get away with it... even if it means waiting for them to move) I never did see the queen ant. I've stumbled across quite a few ant homes recently and never a queen to be found. She's elusive that one. :)

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