Monday, May 18, 2009

Router RIP

I may or may not be using someone else's wifi at the moment. :) Let's just put it this way, my router keeled over at some point and time while I was at my mom's house earlier. (hey, if you don't want me to use your shit, put a password on it) This is our THIRD router from Att in three years. Now they are going fiber optic so I can only imagine the problems we'll see in the future. The smarter the technology, the dumber the tech support. :) At any rate, you may not see many in detail posts from me in the coming days as I don't know how well the wifi I'm using is going to hold up. In the past, er, I mean, cough, cough, it may or may not have been very reliable for certain people depending on where the damn clouds were at any given point of the day. I have many a posts in mind. I will be posting on the hooplah surrounding Notre Dame this weekend. Mainly because, as some know, I could literally walk to campus if I really wanted to. It might take me a full day but I could walk. Now by car, it's more like ten or twenty minutes depending on traffic. So, that's that for now folks.

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Beth said...

I was gonna say...that would be a long walk! ;) Hope you get things up and running soon. XO Beth