Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ready for bed

Shawn came home from work today. He was coughing so badly that he almost threw up on one of the guys that works under him. I'm sure that would've just made that guy's day. I found him sleeping in the spare bedroom with almost no voice at all. I really hope we don't all get it. I have a funny feeling at the back of my throat but I've been having issues with my allergies the last few days as well so maybe that's all it is. I just don't want Evan to get it. I've never had a baby that young sick and I don't want to start now.

He has an appointment with the urologist for the beginning of July. Two months to get into this guy. I'm glad we got the ball rolling early and didn't wait any longer. He was supposed to see the eye doctor tomorrow but since my doctor's office made the appointment, the time isn't going to work for us. We'll probably do it next week in the afternoon. I'm not looking forward to any doctor's appointments for him for a very long time.


Beth said...

Uh oh, I hope everyone gets and stays healthy at your pad! I'm sorry your back is so sore. Ken cracks mine by picking me up off the floor...I let my legs dangle and he gives me a shake up and down and CRACK! Hugs, Beth

Ailurophile said...

Hope Shawn gets well soon. Nice to have come across an animal lover's blog. All the best for the health of your family and medical appointments ahead :)

Wes said...


I hope that everyone gets well soon! I too am afraid about doctor's visits for MJ. She had to go in very early in her life, but it all worked out. I was scared as hell, when my niece Emily had to go to the ER. She was only a little over a year and she had severe Pneumonia. The doctors were poking her for a long time for a vein, I stepped in to calm her. I put the Docs in their place and held her as she cried. I will never forget her pain for the rest of my life. I wish all children could remain healthy until adulthood. So, they can pay for it themselves. :)