Thursday, May 7, 2009


Still cramping and bleeding today. Not as badly as I expected but it's not all that fun either. I wouldn't say this has been a horrible experience if it weren't for my quickness to faint. Yesterday took a lot out of me apparently. I slept for 12 hours and then was still tired all day. (and not that I slept too long and now I can't wake up tired but just in general tired) My doctor says if I can get through the first few months of the IUD, then I should be fine after that. I don't have much choice but to tolerate it. I can't go on any other kind of birth control except IUD's or diaphragm's. I prefer the less messy of the two. If it gets too uncomfortable, I have narc's I can take when needed.

On top of being uncomfortable, I was cussed out three times today. That's a record for me I believe. And I don't feel I didn't anything to deserve it. In one case I know I didn't. So far as I'm concerned, everything I said was a long time coming to the girl. I'd just held back in the past because I didn't want to upset a family member. I still upset him but less so than I figured I would. Everything has led me to being a very irritable person.

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Beth said...

Someone cussed you out, huh? I can guess who. Maybe they'll leave you out of the drama for a while now!

I'm sorry you're still feeling so crummy. Ugh, the first few months? I hope things start improving soon...that sounds very uncomfortable.

Love, Beth