Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LOTS of photos

Internet is back but I have some things going on right now that are occupying my creative mind so I've decided to overload you on photos for today. We'll start at yesterday and move towards today. Hopefully I'll be able to talk about one of the things that is going on in the coming days and even more hopefully, I won't have bad news.

We started off at the zoo.

They're actually playing here, even if he does look mean. :)
She loved playing on the tortoise. I wish we had one in the backyard, it would keep her attention for hours.

On the ridiculously priced train that goes around the back of the zoo. Doesn't matter to the kiddies, they love it anyway.

Daddy with Evan. Evan... could've cared less where we were.

And then we were to the river to fish. Well, Jasmine and Shawn were going fishing. I have a thing against killing things. Evan just ate his fingers.

I tried to make friends... I wasn't well received.

You see the cement barrier under the water? That's where the water is supposed to stop. I guess it didn't get the memo. The water was more than a little high.

A view of the river from where we were standing.

This was Jasmine's first time fishing so Shawn had to explain to her that she must be extremely cautious of the sharp hook on attached to the fake worm... and then he poked himself on it.

I like this one. Both of them fishing in one photo. He wants this one blown up. :)

She was getting ready to throw it back in. I was pretty far away as I don't like getting hooked in the face by a reckless three year old.

Today we spent the day in the backyard. Jasmine wanted to pose with her brother. Tarin decided he'd look good in the photo as well.

Jasmine on the swing. Probably starting to get annoyed that I was taking pictures instead of pushing.

All she ever says is faster and higher. The mom in me says to stay closer to the ground so when she falls, it won't hurt as bad.

I know most parents think they have the most beautiful kid in the world but I really do. :)

I beg and plead with her to put her hair in a pony tail but she'd rather have it down. The longest I've ever been able to keep her hair up was maybe ten minutes.

Some days she won't go near the camera, and then there are days like today when you can't take a shot without her in it.

Savannah... I have no words. :)

I know, Evan gets the short end of the photographic stick but well, babies are boring. He just sits there and drools unless I make a fool of myself for a good twenty minutes and then I might get a tiny grin.

My Cash, he may be a bully but I love him. When he's behaving, he's a goof of a dog. That's psycho Molly in the background.

You can just barely see momma peaking her head out of the nest. We do the same dance a thousand times a day, I walk in the backdoor, she flies away, I come back out and she walks, not flies, back towards the nest. There are no less than six dogs in my backyard and she chooses to walk.


Indigo said...

Loved all the photos. I hope things are ok hon...Your in my thoughts! (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

Wonderful photos! Jasmine really is a doll. Like you didn't know that. :) Love, Beth