Saturday, January 10, 2009

Surprises all around

I know am fairly sure that it was a trash company who tossed all our recycling. When I looked out the window at about 4pm, the recycling was gone. I can't see the recycling company guys tipping our stuff over just so they would have to pick it up later. Our trash company isn't happy with us at the moment and did something similar with our trash last week but I had forgotten all about it till today. If anything like this happens next week, I don't care how much more we have to pay, we'll be switching trash services. It's like dealing with spoiled, pissy little kids. Well, your bill is late so we're going to knock your shit over so you have to come out and pick it up. Do they train these guys to do this? For now, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that a snow plow came by, threw all of our recycling and then neatly tipped the bins upside down. Hmpf. When the doctor's office called me back to reschedule my appointment, they were surprisingly nice and I go in on Monday... in the afternoon. ;))) Like I said, I'd never had that issue with them before so I had no idea how they would handle it. My regular doctor's office receptionists want it in blood as to the exact reason why you missed your appointment and why you didn't call them to let them know. Seriously, I think a note from the ER stating you had been in an auto accident and were bleeding to death (an accident you got into on your way to their office for your appointment) would not be a good enough excuse for that place. I'm all for taking blame for screwing up and not making excuses for what I may or may not do but sometimes, shit happens. One good thing came out of missing the appointment... I didn't sleep all day. I had to first wait for them to call me back and then I was super pissed about the recycling incident so I couldn't fall asleep for a nap. When I finally did, it was only for about twenty minutes, tops. It was nice to be awake for a while, for once but it sucked only having about four hours sleep.

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Beth said...

That's reassuring about the recycling company. No answer as to your Mystery of the Tipped Bins, though.

Glad you got your appointment rescheduled with no problem.

Yuck, crummy snow...hope you can stay inside and warm this weekend!

Hugs, Beth