Sunday, January 11, 2009

General chitter chatter

For a fairly boring day, it was quite enjoyable. Even though Saturday is apparently idiot day at the local Walmart. (your side of town Beth) We do half of our grocery shopping at Walmart, basically the stuff that you can get anywhere, we buy there. Now when it comes to meats, cheeses and such, we normally go to either the meat market just down the road (all the meat comes from local farms and I find that reassuring) or to a grocery store that is located only in this area. (correct me if I'm wrong Beth, but Martin's is locally owned and operated?) I was so glad to be out of Walmart tonight. I must have said to my husband a dozen times that we will never, ever go there on a Saturday again. To me, it's always extremely stressful to be surrounded by morons. I just don't deal with it very well. And these were inconsiderate morons, making matters worse. At least I was able to get most of the ingredients I needed for the chicken enchiladas I'll be attempting to make this week.

After we made it home, I made tacos for dinner. We haven't had them in a while since neither me, nor my husband are huge fans but we were really in need of a change of pace for dinner. Jasmine was definitely NOT a fan and when we make them in the future, I'll have to make her something else. (I don't cater to my kid at dinner but I'm not going to force her to eat something that she so obviously did not like) Afterwards, I made some hot fudge sauce (for the first time) and we all had ice cream. Even Jasmine liked the hot fudge. Next time I'll use a little more chocolate but other than that, I thought it was much better than the store bought stuff. I love being able to make my own food (rather than buy a jar of something and heat it up) but it's always more expensive that way. At least I really KNOW what I'm eating when I make it myself.

Normally, I don't do this but if you get a chance, I really think you ought to check out Ken's most recent blog. It makes some really good points about dealing with changes that occur in life. I think far too often, a major change happens in someone's life and they don't deal with it properly. Most often, it seems to affect marriages. I've heard of many marriages going to hell the first year after having a baby for example. The first year with a screaming crying baby is hell. I always tell people not to give up on their marriage that first year because it's GOING to be hard. It's not easy dealing with changes and nothing ever goes exactly as you plan it to. You just have to roll with the punches and deal with what may come in the best way you can. Sometimes it's easier to bail but it's not usually the right thing to do. More often than not, the hard decision is the right one. So, go visit Ken at Bucko's World


BlueRidge Boomer said...

All the morons left your WalMart and came to mine......maybe WalMart busses them in....??!!!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I know what you mean about being in Walmart on a Saturday. We stopped at Martin's yesterday for a few items rather than deal with Walmart or Meijer.

Yes, you are correct that Martin's is locally owned.

Thanks for the link and kind words.

Indigo said...

How cool is that living so close to Beth and Ken. As for Walmart, it's a creepy place on weekends and late nights. More so late at wouldn't believe what comes out of the woodwork at night.

I agree about changes needing to be worked on, thought about...I do know in a Recession and around the holidays when money is tight, the percentage of domestic abuse rises considerably. If people would keep a calm head and talk to one another, they could get through it. (Hugs)Indigo

Epijunky said...

Oh Lordy... Walmart...

I do half of my shopping there as well.

And I'm equally as put off at shopping there on a saturday. Yikes.

Beth said...

Haha! I still remember several months ago, when I was still working, I was working the weekend and stopped by our local Walmart for a couple of things. This was a Saturday.

When I got home, I was completely frazzled and told Ken that I was never again stopping there on a Saturday! Sounds like I'm not the only one!

We do most of our shopping at Martin's, too. We buy beef from a guy that Ken works with, and I really like it in the summer when Martin's has local produce. I'm hoping to have a kickass garden this year (we'll see)!

Tell me how your chicken enchiladas turn out! I usually make them with ground beef. Does Jasmine dislike the taste of Mexican food in general, or was it the tacos specifically? Do you think she'll like the enchiladas?

Okay, now I'm hungry for Mexican food. I'm going to have to make sure I get to the store this week and get taco shells, because that sounds the best right now. Ken loves enchiladas. I need to stop writing about this!

Hugs, Beth