Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 and whatnot

I am not a huge fan of the whole New Year's tradition. I don't really celebrate it. Usually, we may have a drink and watch the ball drop but we haven't went out in years. I just don't see the point in celebrating the day changing from one month to another. Some people say they hope this next year is better than the one prior or as good as the one they just had. Why can't your better year start when ever you want it to, rather than waiting till the numbers change? *shrugs* I guess I just don't get it. ;)

After dinner, Shawn decided he wanted to get started on cleaning out our bedroom so we could pull up the carpet. (ok, so he can pull up the carpet) It was around 9 by then. I didn't think there was any way we'd even make a dent in any of it. I sat on the bed and kicked things to him that I wanted thrown away. If I wasn't sitting down, I was getting told to sit down so I just kicked things to him or sat on the floor and sorted through things. Once we got everything up off the floor, husband decided he could get everything out of the room and get the carpet up tonight. I was doubtful. It was a lot of work, two dressers that needed to be cleaned out and removed, the bed, the tv, the entertainment center and of course the carpet. I hate not being able to help do things. I end up in the way a lot of the time if I can't help. Before I knew it, the room was almost empty. I decided to wipe down the walls where there had been furniture while Shawn pulled the carpet up from the strips. Once he had the carpet up, I cleaned up the furniture that was going back in the room and swept up the floor with a broom. Under our carpet was some really awful green tiles but it'll have to do for now. (the reason we have to take up the carpet is that our border collie has a bladder issue and when she's asleep, she leaks) I brought the baby bed into the room so we'd know exactly where to put our bed. (it's a co-sleeper) I began getting antsy waiting for my husband to finish hooking up the tv. I went into the living room with the dresser that would be going back in the bedroom and tested how heavy it was. As quietly as I could, I began to drag it back to the bedroom. (it really was light, I'm not just trying to make my case... haha) When I got to the bedroom door my husband let out a sigh that said I was being bad. ;) He quickly moved it into the corner of the bedroom where I wanted it. I can't help it, I don't like feeling like an invalid. After that, everything was back in the room and it was just a matter of moving it where I wanted it and putting the sheets back on the bed. It only took us about three hours from start to finish. And here I thought we'd never get it done in one night. Now... there's nothing left to do before this kid comes. That kind of freaked me out once I realized it. My dogs seem a little pissed that their soft carpet is gone. I plan on putting a rug down where Molly sleeps but the only thing I can really give Mia is some towels to sleep on, and her pillow. She only uses the pillow for her head. When she was younger, she would get on the bed after my husband would leave for work and she would always lay her head on the pillow. It shouldn't be too shocking that my husband gave up one of his pillows to her months ago. So, that's how I spent my New Year's Eve. ;)

You know, every year I forget how loud the city gets when it hits midnight. I was busy tonight so I had no idea what time it was. I had just let the dogs out to go potty when I heard this loud boom and a flash of light. I thought it was lightning. It was our idiot neighbor letting off fireworks. My dogs didn't go potty, instead they made a u-turn and ran back up the steps to the back door. When I opened the door, all I could hear were the pops of gunshots throughout my neighborhood. Jasmine was running through the house saying Happy New Year when I came back in. I told my husband the first story of the news in the morning would be the first baby born after midnight and then the first murder of the new year. I wasn't wrong. At 12:30am, police were called to a house where someone had been shot. They didn't release details on whether the person lived or died yet. I can't wait to move out of this city. Idiots.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hell of a way to ring in the New Year, shooting someone!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We are not very sentimental about this holiday either, and rarely go out. We had our fondue and watched a movie, then watched the new year come in, and then fell asleep on the couch. Did not even make it to the Champagne, but today is another day :o)

Beth said...

Jamie, you're not an invalid. This is only temporary, and then you can get back to being your usual energetic self. Patience, hon, patience!

How cool that you guys got the room finished in just a few hours! I know that was bugging you, so isn't it great to not have to worry about it now?

I didn't realize you are that close to town--I thought you were more out in the country. We hear plenty of gunshots around here from hunters (grrr) but it's usually fairly quiet.

As Ken wrote, we're not big on the whole NY celebration, either. You wondered why your better year can't start whenever you want it...I'm the same way with resolutions. If you know you need to do something, why wait till January 1st??

Love, Beth

cw2smom said...

Jamie...I have never been one to go out and celebrate either. I am visiting Cave Man...again :) and we had a quiet evening watching movies and he gave me a little peck when we realized it was 12:05! We're old boring people, but I like it. I had all the excitement I needed working in a prison for 25 years. Quiet is good! I thought maybe you were in the country as well. Glad your bedroom is getting taken care of as you want! Blessings for a great new year Sweet Girl! Love, Lisa