Friday, January 9, 2009

I suppose there are worse ways to start the day

We lost power this morning. Normally that wouldn't make any difference to me one way or another as long as it stayed warm in the house long enough for it to come back on. Normally, I have no reason to get up early in the morning. This morning, I had a doctor's appointment. This morning, the alarm didn't go off. I've never had a no call, no show to this place before in all the years I've been going. I don't know what their policy is on it. With my regular doctor, you get two missed appointments and then you're completely cut from their office. I don't think it really matters what the reason was for missing the appointment. I know with them as I've received a warning because I had missed two appointments in a TEN YEAR period. Yeah, ten years ago, I was 16. In my opinion, my record should be wiped clean on my 18 birthday. I mean, hell, if I had done something illegal (so long as it wasn't murder) it would've been wiped clean on that day. Any way, I called the office and left a message to re-schedule. I'm sure they will make re-scheduling as difficult as possible. Kind of a you didn't think our time was important so we no longer think yours is either thing. I don't like the appointment people at this place right now either. Most of them a new and either follow the rule book to a T or don't know what the hell their doing at all. Now to be honest, I REALLY didn't want to go to this appointment in the first place. For starters, it was an early appointment, strike one for the appointment and on top of everything, we got several inches of snow since about 8am this morning. I don't drive well on little sleep to begin with, throw in a good amount of snow and you're just asking to have me hit your vehicle. (not that I ever have but I'm not very optimistic of my driving in this weather) When I got up, I looked out the window to see if it had, in fact, snowed as they were calling for and saw that my recycling containers had been VERY deliberately knocked over. We have a new company that is supposed to pick up recycling. It's already been a nightmare with them. They were supposed to drop off new bins (96 gallon bins, in comparison to the 18 gallon bins we currently have) and they never did. Supposedly, we should have those by the next pick up date. And I have heard other people complain that if the recycling isn't put out EXACTLY as they specify, they won't take it. Apparently, ours wasn't what they specified and instead of just leaving it in the bins, they tossed it ALL out into our yard and then tipped our bins upside down as if to get their point across that we are dumbshit customers. Oh, and I have no choice as to WHO picks up my recycling, it's something done through the county. We are forced to pay to have it picked up (you have no choice, which I think forces people to do the right thing and recycle BUT and I'm getting to that), however, I think if I'm forced to pay for something, I should be able to choose which company I give my business to. The last company only screwed up once in all the years we've been doing this recycling program and yet, they were dropped and a new company replaced them. A new company who I am, so far, VERY unimpressed with. I have a feeling they will be getting a nasty phone call from my husband tonight or on Monday. In my opinion, it was very unprofessional and not a good way to start off a relationship, whether I'm paying of my own free will or not. They do this again and I will start bitching to the county on a regular basis. Now I suppose I will lay here with my daughter and watch endless amounts of cartoons until my brain totally turns to mush or I fall asleep, you know, whichever comes first. In my current condition, I'm betting on the mush.


Indigo said...

I hope your drs. office doesn't give you too much trouble, it's not like you could of helped the weather. You would think they would rather you stayed safe and able to deliver a healthy baby.

Wish I could send my recycling guys to you. They pick up anything, any size, any shape or form. They are serious about recycling whatever they can. Hope your brain isn't too frazzled with cartoon overdrive. (Hugs)Indigo

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Our first pickup with the new company is next Tuesday, we will see how that goes.

Beth said...

That's a shame to hear that about the new recycling company. I will not be pleased if that's what happens with us on Tuesday, and I'll be pitching a bitch, too.