Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Another Day

Two full days of Jasmine being nice. Minimal stomping, and screaming, very little attitude. Where's the full moon? Should I be worried that she's just finally decided she'll kill us in our sleep and be done with it? I'm sure it will all return tomorrow or the next day, but for now, I'm just happy that I haven't had to "really" yell for the last two days. My husband wondered aloud when the baby would finally come and I said "If you heard all that, would YOU be in a big hurry to be born?"

Watched Righteous Kill tonight. Can't really say anything without giving away spoilers so I'll just say it was a pretty good one and worth the watch. Appaloosa comes out next week and whether this baby is born or not, I'm making some time to watch it. I love westerns.

I was actually able to sit on the floor long enough to give Mia, the border collie a good grooming. She looks so much better without all that extra hair. (I only took off the stuff that doesn't do much for keep her warm, I left everything she needed) I would love to be able to groom my Aussies but they freak out when ever I turn on the trimmer. You'd think they were tiny horses the way they buck if it even gets near them. I can groom our flat coat retriever as long as she's had some time to chill out. Oh and I got most of Isaiah, the siamese, shaved tonight. He's not pleased with me. The cat could actually wear a small sweater around the house and still manage to look cold so he's never happy when I take away his natural coat. He has fur that is very long and sticks to everything it touches. I have to shave him occasionally or else the humans go nuts. On one occasion, my husbands female cat, Willow seemed a wee bit too smug about her friend being naked. She hasn't looked that way since, seeing as how I shaved her immediately afterwards, despite the fact that she's short haired. I've had to eliminate the poof at the end of Isaiah's tail however, as Saffron would chase it through the house endlessly. Thus, it's not quite a lion cut but close.

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Indigo said...

Kids surprise us when we least expect it. Skye actually cooked a full meal for us not long after Christmas. I was delighted and genuinely surprised (It's usually her husband who cooks). It appears marriage is domesticating her somewhat.

I hope Jasmine isn't bottling it all up for the babies arrival. That would be a handful. I think perhaps it's more to the point of her looking forward to the big sister role. Missed you dear one! (Hugs)Indigo